Swixer's Legendary Trading Post

I’ve got a bunch of Legendaries jamming up my bank and I’m looking to unload some of them for some stuff I’m more interested in. Here’s a list of some of the stuff I have to trade (all Lv. 50):

Dastardly Maggie
Woodblocker (Rad) (Anointed - Gunner)
Stark ASMD (Elec)
Abundant Compressing Trevonator (Rad) (Anointed - Gunner)
Shrinking Gratifying Laser-Sploder (Cryo)
Hawt Rapchury Sawbar (Fire) (Anointed - Siren)
Double-Penetrating Echo
The Duc (Anointed)
Hazardous Superball (Fire) (Anointed - Gunner)
Handsome Jackhammer (Elec)
Rad Polybius (Rad)
Double-Penetrating Breeder (Corrosive)
Shocking AAA (Elec) (Anointed - Gunner)
Stimulating Gross Bearcat (Elec)
Supercharged Ginormous Bangarang XL (Elec)
Annexed Jericho (Rad)
Class Mods (Bloodletter, Elementalist, Rakk Commander, Bounty Hunter, Bear Trooper)
Speedloadin’ Hellwalker (Fire) (Anointed)
Double-Penetrating the Boring Gun (Anointed - Gunner)
Flakker (Anointed - Generic and Gunner)
Generator Stop-Gap (Anointed - Siren)
Pachyderm Re-Charger (Anointed - Gunner)
Health Re-Router (Anointed - Gunner)
Hunter-Seeker (Anointed) (Cloning) (Elec)
MIRV Widowmaker (Cryo)
Hex (Cryo) (Rad)
MIRV Hex (Elec)
Quasar (Elec)
The Transformer
Deathless Relics

I’m mostly interested in Torgue weaponry (particularly anointed stuff) and maybe some good Bloodletter class mods with health/shield cap bonuses, but I’m also feeling a little charitable so feel free to offer me anything you think might be worth the trade and I’ll probably give you a shot.

Feel free to add me on Epic: SwixSwax

Got any Rabid Bounty Hunters with % Action Skill Cooldown?

I have a Man-Eater Bounty Hunter, but no cooldown, sorry.

I added you

Ive sent u a complete list of my legendarys =)

You have an electric one? And what’s on the gunner one?

No electric one, but the gunner one gives you like 40% bonus incendiary damage for the next two mags after Iron Bear.

I’m just looking for electric explosives and bloodletter. tbh
I’ll add you, name’s Milliny.

Are you looking for a specific kind of bloodletter? I have a MIRV Hex (Elec) and some Quasars.

What Kind of bloodletters do u have

I’ve already got a MIRV Elec and Rad Hex. I’d like a Cryo one, or one that has 2x MIRV/Cloning, but I don’t know if I have anything worth trading for something like that lol
And right now, I don’t have a Bloodletter, so any is good. I’ll see what you have in game if you don’t mind.

@Aceofgods Hey, i have cryo one, i can trade vs Rad Hex

I am looking for
a mirv-tacular shock,
a 75% lifesteal relic with white elefant(30% grenade chance)
or a Facepuncher annointed with phaseslam or melee


I am looking for a Mind Sweeper Class Mod for Moze, any chance one of you got one?

(LF Mind Sweeper Class Mod for Moze / Offer Laser Sploder (in Frost, Electro and Corrosive)


Got any good bloodletters I can trade for this? don’t know what I have in mind exactly. obviously I am going the grenade Moze, so whatever you think would be best for it.

Lol just re buying what i lost from the bank glitch xD

Check the other thread: I’ve got this ready for you.

Got a Bloodletter with your name on it right now. Add me and meet me when you’re ready.

Ok just sent it.

IGN: ChadTDubbs

right now I am looking for a zane “shockerator” class mod with at least 3 points in “pocket full of grenades” AND grenade damage/splash damage as an affix

A deathless relic with grenade damage/splash damage

A Moze “bloodletter” class mod with grenade damage/splash damage and at least 2 points in “thin red line”

A moze “Blast Master” class mod with at least 3 points in “pull the Holy pin” and grenade damage/splash damage affix

and a Melee lifesteal relic, either with white elefant(30% bomb chance) or Commander Planetoid(69% random element on melee) and a melee damage affix

and still a face-puncher with phaseslam annointment (either 300% weapon damage or 200% melee damage

oh and still a good boomstick/bangstick (torgue shotgun) triple penetrating would be amazing

OFFERS: got basically everything, probably have what you want, besides specific annoited stuff (aside from some melee amara stuff) also I have normal versions of everything I am searching for. and recurring kex / mirv-tacular hex.

I’ll have to check for the other stuff once I’m done farming, but I’ve got this on me. I know it’s not exactly what you requested, but figured it was worth giving you a look regardless Capture