Sync my pre order?

I ordered the Super Deluxe version via the bl2 in game menu on PS4 but apparently having it connected to your account gets you an adoption pack or something like that?? I’m just struggling to find where I can tell the website i bought it elsewhere and enter my order number or something. I’d have bought it direct through the website if I’d known this was going to be an issue. :confused: I also couldn’t find anything for reaching out to support on the website so here I am.

and my ps4 account is already linked to my vip account.

any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Log in to and play BL3 with it and you’re golden.

so it’ll credit me as soon as i load up? sick, thank you!!!

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Yea. So long as you log in to your SHiFT account and play the game within 14 days of release you’ll get the pack.

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Do you know if he’ll be getting the golden skin pre-order bonus? I’m having the same problem and I’m worried about my skins :smiley:

First of all, Super Deluxe (and Deluxe) content has nothing to do with VIP. If you have Super Deluxe you have all the bonusses.
Second. If you want Early Adopter Pack, go to VIP website and fill the survey (Step 2). After that, log into SHIFT in your BL3 game within 14 days after launch (Step 3, posted by Jordangold527).