System crashing repeatedly thanks to you

I’ve opened up tickets, and asked for any info. I play on Xbox one X, having the same issue a lot of other players are with the system come to a complete crash and giving an overheat issue when restarted. Fix the damn game, or give me my damn money back! I didn’t pay for something I can’t even play properly. I feel like an issue like this should have been found pre-launch, and taken care of then! Now it’s in the consumers household possibly ruining our consoles. The game is great when it works, and I wish this wasn’t a problem. I never post or complain about bugs in any game, I just report what I find. This is ridiculous though. The customer support that emailed me back couldn’t even be sympathetic about the situation, I just get your generic “Our technicians are working on a fix, but we don’t have a time frame or anymore information to give.” How about instead of doing graphic changes for the incindiary badass, or ability changes you spend more time trying to figure out a fix for a game breaking bug! I can’t even join a friends game unless they’re in sanctuary, and literally NOTHING is happening. Then we fast travel somewhere and cross our fingers one of us doesn’t crash!

Thanks I advance for not giving a ■■■■, I’ll be expecting my response how nothing’s getting taken care of, and telling me tough ■■■■ I’ll just have to wait the next year out until you finally decide to fix the damn thing.

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