System Purge on Claptrap is great!

Like a no-downside amp shield, plus, if you have Torque Fiesta, and have the reflective kill skill, from what I can tell, if a enemy gets their shot reflected back at them, it gets the System Purge damage too, because I’m seeing that effect hit enemies and I’m sure not shooting them yet.

Systems Purge pairs well with Two Scoops and (I think) Min Min Lighter because of the ability to get multiple procs in a single shot. Any character that can make use of that will benefit. Not much better on Clappy because it will use up all the O2 quickly. But, when indoors, Clappy + Two Scoops + Systems Purge + LnS + SWaB and the same with Jack but replace SWaB with exploding Digi-Jacks.