System Purge on Claptrap is great!

(Jnericsonx) #1

Like a no-downside amp shield, plus, if you have Torque Fiesta, and have the reflective kill skill, from what I can tell, if a enemy gets their shot reflected back at them, it gets the System Purge damage too, because I’m seeing that effect hit enemies and I’m sure not shooting them yet.

(Rexx) #2

Systems Purge pairs well with Two Scoops and (I think) Min Min Lighter because of the ability to get multiple procs in a single shot. Any character that can make use of that will benefit. Not much better on Clappy because it will use up all the O2 quickly. But, when indoors, Clappy + Two Scoops + Systems Purge + LnS + SWaB and the same with Jack but replace SWaB with exploding Digi-Jacks.