System Shutdown mission Bug

Whilst fighting EOS after -repeatedly- failing to kill him as Claptrap, I decided to Fast Travel back to Concordia to change skins, pick up some different gear etc. Upon closing and reopening the game I found myself unable to get back to the quest area, the Fast Travel station for Deck 13.5 no longer appears as an option in the menu. I’ve tried restarting and that seems to solve nothing, as of now I know of no way of getting back there and finishing the fight. Help would be appreciated.

Decided to try running all the way through again, turns out it’s possible to get there after running through all of the subconscious, basically following the route you had to chase him through the first time… Bit of pain, but at least it works

I think it’s because the deck 13.5 you meet Eclipse/EOS at is not the “real” deck 13.5, and if you fast-travelled to the real one you’d be in completely the wrong place and even more confused. Be interesting to see if deck 13.5 reappears on the fast travel once you’ve completed main story.