Systems Jammed/Buy Upgrade Question

Ok, just out of curiosity, say you were playing through the main story mission on, say, your third UVHM playthrough. You get to the point where you have to buy an upgrade from Crazy Earl and you’ve either already bought all available upgrades or you don’t have enough moonstones on you to buy one because all you have left are the 100/150 ones. What happens? Are you stuck?

I remember in Bl2, on TVHM and UVHM playthroughs, when you got to the analogous spot, it triggered the “buy upgrade” checkbox without actually buying anything, but that’s not the case in the Pre Sequel.

Getting close to that point with my Athena, and I haven’t started UVHM yet… I’m hoping that simply “viewing” the store contents without actually purchasing anything will be good enough.

If you already bought everything, all you need is to talk to Earl.

You do not have to buy anything. Talk to Earl then enter the buy screen and cancel out. It will trigger the next part of the mission.


Is this true at all times or only if you’ve purchased everything already?

I am not sure if it is true on first playthrough as I have always bought something. However, it is true on other playthroughs whether or not you have purchased all moonstone upgrades. I have done this many times before and I certainly do not have all the upgrades.


Learn somethin’ new. Thx!

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