Systems Jammed Dialogue Question

Hey guys.

Possibly a stupid question.


Ok, when you are re-entering Concordia after Crisis Scar, and Jack is looking for a way to turn the Customs Clappy against the Meriff, Moxxi suggests an audio recording of the Merriff propositioning the Masseuse-bot (or whatever it is) and then Jack shuts her idea down.

But then your playable character suggesrs an audio recording, which Jack instantly agrees to.

Isnt it the same recording?

Your PC suggests to blackmail the Merriff. Moxxi suggests reporting the recording to the Claptrap.

Jack ends up going with both.

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Ah, Ok, thanks fir the clarification.

It annoys me every single time!

Im pretty sure that is supposed to be the joke dude.

He doesn’t want to go with his ex’s idea out of spite.
But when offered darn near the exact from someone else he acts like it’s a great idea.

Thats how I saw it. makes even more sense in this way if you play as Nisha XD.