Systems Purge Vs. Tranquility

Now I know that the Systems Purge is conditional. But in the right conditions, with say a Two Fer Maggie with the Luneshine effect that gives back Oz, would the Purge beat out the Tranquility for DPS?

Nah. Tranquility is equal to or better than systems purge dps with optimal conditions favoring the systems purge.

tranquility is better for raiding, no doubt about it, but the systems purge can kill mobs just as fast if not faster than the tranquility IMO.

Everything just dies equally as fast when mobbing. So its really hard to know or prove for certain which is better. All I know for sure is the tranquillity is higher or equal dps when the conditions are favoring a systems purge set up. And I’ve not done the mobbing comparison but I could easily run a side by side video next week when I am back home to see what results I get.

i just feel as if the systems purges’ special effect makes it better for mobbing. the splash of the special effect works really well on grouped up enemies.

I know it does do splash damage but your losing a straight 37% gun damage which more than makes up the lost damage done in splash. I’ll get around to a comparison video mobbing with Maggie’s next week. It will likely be nearly identical times anyways.

That’s the thing. Maybe you should test with a sub-optimal build so that a difference (if any) will be easier to spot. I’m with Onlyin on this: I bet the purge will be better on mobs: increasing damage is sometimes overkill, and the extra splash against a boss is just that: a Damage boost, so it’s comparable to another damage boost from something like a Tranquility. But the purge’s boost is an AOE, and if it hits more than one enemy, you’ve just gained something. If it manages to damage 3, you’ve just left the Tranquility in the dust. Of course, it requires a bit of mob density, so testing with a build that obliterates anything as soon as it spawn will net very disappointing results.

Try and make it shine :smile:

See the thing is, I remember pretty clearly back when I tested the systems purge with my build, when I was verifying I was using the best oz kit, that its splash damage with a dastardly luck cannon was doing like 23k non-crit. which is pretty abysmal in terms of splash damage. I will re-do my tests in that respect. And I will find out the actual damage, Kansas says he was getting like 80870 I think, but I don’t remember ever getting damage like that non-crit.

I will of course still do the tests, but once I get the information on the actual splash damage with my build, it will also be good to see the math that comes about it. If its like 20kish then even crit thats less than or around 100k crits, which does not even come close to making it worth using a systems purge over Tranquility even for mobbing, given mobs have millions of HP that would barely even make a small dent and would still need a few direct shot’s to kill them off.

Since it does do splash damage, does it get its damage boosted by any grenade damage? Also, can the shockwave crit, and, if using a rerouter, would the amp shot effect the damage of the systems purge?

All questions for @onlyin_kansas as he uses that oz kit all the time :smile:

it does not matter. nisha has no grenade damage bonuses. and i dont play as any other characters to test if it does. the shock wave can crit, as far as im aware, amp does not effect splash.

@charrisx im thinking about testing a cryo singularity or a quasar. i feel that if you grouped the mobs up with it, plus the regen from the dot, it would decimate mobs.

I don’t see why the shock wave wouldn’t crit with Tombstone.

23k damage is not abysmal when mobbing dude :smile:
It’s enough to kill a lot of things, I can’t pinpoint mobs that have millions of HP… Most have far less.

it does crit. i have the screen shot somewhere, but cant find it :frowning: and thats my point, enough damage for mobs and the splash is more utility.

That’s too bad.

Also: @Charrisx don’t forget that Tranquility is a % boost, while purge is a fixed value, so if you were to use a low power gun, the Tranquility’s bonus would drop while the purge would stay the same.

In fact, using high power Jakobs pistols is probably the scenario where the purge is the least effective.
That’s why I was mentioning a test with other gear. :smile:

A Cryo build that mains a low power gun like the Fridgia for example would get a lot more out of the purge :smile:

just tested, the systems purge gets amp.

i might change it to an auto build with a non elemental torrent and such, might be more effective.

a frigidia can would be bad because it cant spawn with the oxy luneshine.

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If it gets amp thats awesome, focus on keeping your shield up and do mass damage, plus, if you want, run a black hole for the singularity effect it has.

to be honest, the fact that there is no shield like the bee would make this concept very difficult. only one of the hits from the purge gets the bonus, also, not only would the enemies break your shield, but you would only get the amp every so often due to constantly having to regen your shield. while the black hole is good for grouping up enemies, im not sure how much synergy it would have with her playstyle. definitely something to look into.