T and his tiny Digi-unicorn [BL3 concept]

Yo, sup.
It’s another illustrated interactive BL3 concept by partisan-rebel-artist-creator of WotH series.
Such a weird spontaneous concept that I even made a separate thread for it.
It’s about fate of the character in whose probability of survival was honestly difficult to believe, and even if to believe though, the first thought that came to mind was to simply put a bullet in his head.
But now listen; i think Klopotinsha thinks it can be a cool line.


The guy’s name was Timothy Lawrence, I’m not quite sure if he still remember this name or at least something of his past he’s not ashamed of. He was a fool blinded by the illusion of impunity. He did terrible things just because he was not taught to do anything good… until he learned about Karma. After some despicable events the victim of reconstructive surgery was discarded as waste material. For many years he was a recluse for obvious reasons. Once, my Golem saw T running without pants through the wasteland from children who wanted to hang him. Actually i saw such scenes about three times, maybe more. All boys and girls on Pandora instantly tried to make a pinata of a guy who looked and sounded like evil parasitic thing which ordered to murder so many innocent unarmed civilians, majestic creatures and beloved comrades from the Resistance just because of its hypertrophied inferiority complex.

But T appeared stronger than he thought. Endless baiting hardened him as skilled stealth master and endured pain didn’t make him any embittered, he understood suffer of others. Cutting off this ugly plastic-skin-mask off his skull and breaking voice modulator in his throat was a question of freedom on path of finding his own purpose and raising inner beauty.

I don’t know whether he did this by his own or maybe other characters helped him, but when the tighteners removed T can control his facial muscles again… or what left of them. And T can talk his own voice without any sign of Clarkodemon, and it even sounds not like this poor student from old Echo-logs on Ruins of Helios, but like voice of tranquil mature man… periodically glitching with several other voices, sometimes a lady and something robotic (resembling of Master from Fallout), because this model of modulator cannot be completely removed for the next 10-15 years… at least without killing the subject.
T sees glitches with a female voice as it was said by his friend Digi-unicorn. They understand each other so well indeed that share speech for one another.

Oh, right, forgot to mention T actually has a tiny Digi-unicorn.
T reprogrammed his personal digital doppelganger emanator device, completely erased all Digi-fascists, and placed to live in there a tiny Digi-unicorn. T calls her just Digi. I don’t know what she can do, it seems she just walks around T and makes him happy with no duration and cooldowns. Their relationships can look like a parody on K and Joy from Bladerunner 2049.

T also has a mask of Arch Guardian which he didn’t kept as a trophy after events on Elpis, because he didn’t appreciate such things before, but then he bought it back on black market for a triple price after he had a series of extremely weird nightmares. Now he believes it gives him magical powers of previous owner, like makes him invisible… of course it doesn’t. Have i mentioned that the guy is insane?
Wait… where did he go?
Oh, here he is.
Funny creature.

It may sound ridiculous but i think I already felt empathy to this character, not to the one he was, of course, but to the one he can be by this concept…

I think it’s time to put RPG element in here and let hypothetical players to decide what would they do if they have met T and Digi:

  • Attack this thing! (T prepared for such outcome, he will dodge and ran away on four limbs like a monkey muttering incomprehensible nonsense. To find T again is possible, but taming will be much harder)
  • Whatever he was, almost everyone deserves a second chance, let T be helpful. (Labor makes a man from an ape)
  • (special option for fans of BL2 style “humor”) set T up (e.g. like he intentionally poisoned Mordecai’s scythid-cows), make T believe that his memory issues much harder than he thought and artificial demon still controls him sometimes to do evil stuff, watch T suicides (very sloppy and not on the first try), feel bad because you’re a bad person (when other characters find out what happened, most of the quests and storyline missions will be unavailable, because no one wants to deal with such a stinky who was so cruel to poor T and scythid-cows, so go on criticize autosave that ruined your game. HAHAHA)

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and here is

:arrow_forward: the song that I picked for this story

and as bonus i show a pic of funny “uncle Iroh style” sweet neat well-fed Mordecai who i suddenly painted on a palette.

Seems he doesn’t mind if T stays to clean stables at scythid ranch.

Actually all sheets of paper in this post meant to be a palette(you know, just a paper to test colors on) for my new big “BL3 gameplay” painting which coming soon.

Now feel free to do active discussion. If Klopotinsha finds your behavior interesting, here can be more scans of “spoiled” palettes.


thank you ladies and gentlemen, you’re a great audience.
or maybe these “likes” was clicked by bots… how should i know?

the results of the poll are surprising. i wrote the bad option(where scythids fall ill and T kills himself) just for a tick, never thought that someone can actually choose this option, especially while i warned about the outcome. (for bots it’s too difficult and stupid at the same time; perhaps a sign of human factor)
well, if someone really want T to die, it’s not necessary to act like sneaky cabron and offend adorable scythid-cows, i think one should be more insistent on first option (where attempt to attack T)
T can’t run and hide forever, on third or fourth try he can make a mistake getting stuck in swamp or tangled in plants, or one of the players will finally came up to use a meat hook gun, or maybe T will fall and broke his leg… so you can come close and finish him brutaly. I’m not saying it’s a very good option though. but you can get all information you may need from T and even change your mind in the last moment and choose second option.
By the way the second option also implies lots of possible sub-options, like T can evolve from simple NPC (cleaner of scythid poop) to supporting character (armor-bearer, whipping boy, tester for physical anomalies, one-off mine detector) or maybe even to playable character for some special unlockable mission…
wait a sec, why am i writing this here? It’s Gearbox’s duty to make “Borderlands 3”, and i have nothing to do with it. I just use this forum as online notebook for my BL artbook and stuff. I can write crazy things not hesitating, because no one reads it anyway