T1 to T3 skins and taunts. What do you want?

Was wonder what skins and taunt playes want to see on heros. Master chief Oscar for the xbox? Kratos montana for ps4?

I want a Christmas Attikus, where he has ornaments hanging from his horns instead of the metal loops and a red nose. lol


Santa Claus Skin for Boldur

A easter Skin for Toby

Jack O Lantern Skin for Galilea or some Dullahan Skin for the lovely Lady Knight

Some Summer Beach Skins

One with a lifesaving Ring for Attikus

A Lifeguard Skin for Kleese

A classy swimsuit for phoebe

Red Sonya Galilea-Skin for the lols

Maybe an Undertale Muffet themed Orendy Skin

Some America themed Benedict Skin (already in the works I guess)

Gundam or EVA or Transformers Skin for Caldarius

Most Importantly, I can’t stress this enough
A alternate Alani skin with a fishtail, like in her concept art


Any of the four BattleBorn in KISS makeup and garb


I’m curious if buying faction packs now and hording them until they add t2/t3 skins will allow those packs to have chances at the new skins added or not.

If that’s the case I feel stupid having opened like 15+ faction packs now instead of holding onto them for something more than a recolor skin. :frowning:

Simply those concept art for the various characters. Saw those for oscar mike for example, and almsot all of them looks better to me than the current one lol x).
Saw those of Alani, and whil I like the current choice, some of those concept art looks really nice and that would be cool to be able to choose them as well.
So yeah, there’s tons of choice just with those concept arts ^^".

This is exactly why I haven’t opened ANY of the faction packs I’ve unlocked yet. There’s no reason to knowing that the skins are eventually gonna be added.

As for skins I’d wanna see, I definitely have to echo the Easter skin for Toby with him in an adorable bunny outfit with ears and paws.

I would settle for practically any fruit or vegetable style skin for Miko with his Fungus Among Us model being replaced with the Fruit/Vegetable.

That’s if they’re serious about putting in some work on T3 skins and actually making them somewhat special like say skins on League of Legends. I’ll be more motivated on giving further and more detailed ideas after seeing whether or not this is the case.

I want an assload of basic color palettes like in BL2. As for skins, I’d like some in the style of the animated scenes.

Funky skin for Ambra,with a mandatory afro and disco balls instead of sunspots.

Hal 9000 skin for ISIC with custom VO.

Doc Brown Kleese skin with a Dolorean-esque Battle Throne.

Also,KING,BARON,MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE Kleese skin with as a reference to W40K Imperator

none of these could happen but the Ambra skin, damn you copyright laws!

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I never played Orendi before, but that would certainly convince me to play her.

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I want the rest of Boldurs armor. Similar in design to his shield and boots :smiley:

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A Dr Eggman Kleese, and I guess a… Sonic Kelvin? He’s the spikiest Battleborn I could think of. But yeah, definitely a Dr Eggman Kleese.


Your forgetting dat reyna…-bites lip-


Potato montana AKA Potana or a dog montana AKA Dogtana

El dragon knuckles?

Nah, if they went for full-on licensed content, I’d want this for Caldarius


I think my metal fans can agree


Oh,I totally forgot! Baron Blizkrieg Toby- A WW1 or WW2 inspired mech, german spiked helmet and a MONOCLE. Toby needs a Monocle so bad!

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Oh dear, geman-battle-penguins!!! :fearful: They say Gal would be scary, but this tops it!

you saying battle penguins brings to mind prinny’s from disgaea, could be an interesting one, a disgaea inspired toby?

saw this one in the Beta for El Dragon http://postimg.org/image/wyzx5m1rr/full/