T1 to T3 skins and taunts. What do you want?

Mr. Miyagi skin for Alani / Miko.

Doom Marine skin for Oscar Mike.

And I know it’s weird, but I think it would be hilarious if there was a skin that swapped Shayne and Aurox around. Like Shayne would be Aurox, and Aurox would be small like Shayne.

I think it’d be neat if you unlocked a color palette for a character when you master them, allowing you to recolour them as you see fit. Unlocking specific colours could be locked behind challenges or PvP/PvE rewards, or even rare drops from loot packs and/or mobs and bosses.

Then GBX can focus solely on re-skins.


I made a Kreig skin for Attikus ;w;

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Hope some of these make it in.

also a Tina tina or Mechromancer type of skin for Orendi would be nice.

Looks epic! Would love to see in game

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Or Orendi Mechomancer?

Ghalt = Hellboy Skin!!!

Orendi = Sonic the Hedgehog Skin

Oscar Mike - Field Medic / Ambulance Skin

Kleese = Dr. Robotnic/Eggman Skin

Caldarius = Gundam / NeonGenesisEvangelion

Miko = Pizza Creature Skin (Just to see her deploy a giant wobbly healing Pizza)

Benedict = Phoenix / Firebird Skin

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Alternate hairstyle for Mellka…

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Or Orendi with a psycho mask on the side of her head like tiny Tina…just as a little nod to Ashley Burchs first voice over work(her and her brother are awesome)

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Alani: Boardwalk Empire Alani flapper girl, because “F–K your sandcastle.” When she throws her wave bottles of rum are left in the wake.

Ambra: Fire Salamander Ambra with serpentine lower body

Attikus: Baller Attikus in a bespoke three piece suit wearing wearing all the bling befitting a marquee prize fighter

Benedict: There is always money in the Banana Stand, Benedict wearing a blue apron over a yellow shirt and khakis.

Boldur: Tattooed Berserker Boldur

Caldarius: a skeletonized mechsuit, stripped of all unnecessary parts

Deande: Æon Flux Deande

El Dragón: Rowdy Roddy El Dragón in a Roddy Piper kilt and white t-shrt and the t-shirt says El Dragón instead of Hot Rod


Galilea: Roman Praetorian Galilea

Ghalt: Stagecoach Ghalt in a 10 gallon hat

Isic: Hal 9000 “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that”

Kelvin: Pirate suit because of Ice Pirates

Kleese: Bio-mechanical H. R. Giger Kleese

Marquis: Day at the beach Marquis in shorts and sandals,

Mellka: a Rosie the Riveter Mellka complete with roll up sleeve taunt

Miko: Dandelion Miko

Montana: Fallout Brotherhood of Steel gatling laser Montana

Orendi: Hogwarts Orendi, Hermione never spoke about her roommate at Hogwarts

Oscar Mike: SWAT Officer Oscar Mike

Phoebe: Academic Fencing scar Phoebe

Rath: Scottish Highlander Rath

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I’d really like this one!
Sublimate would turn him into leaves and Ice Wall would be wooden. Or something like that.

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Nice i like the pizza

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Boulder would agree.

Phoebe in a teeny bikini…

i need this in my life

Phoebe jellyfish-mermaid skin incl. (trancelucend?) bikini for you guys.

Like this

But then I´d want a sexy-sixpack-Attikus skin too. To even the scores.

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Pool Party/Swimming apparels would be nice~

I want an Orendi wearing Phoebe’s dress with her bodice as a hat and voice pack of Orendi doing her best Phoebe impression.

The taunt should be quintuple armpit fart serenade.


Ranked skins: You get one for the characters you had the most ranked wins with that season:


  • Bronze theme skin that looks kinda rusted, or worn
  • Silver theme has better reflection
  • Gold theme will look like an alternative form


  • Platinum theme look like chrome, with some silver (for players in e-sports competitions)
  • Diamond theme Heros are studded in diamonds (for finalist)


  • “Badass” theme is a Solus based them where Heros have shard version of their weapons that pulsate a yellow glow. They also wear shard armor, and have shard textures. Example Reyna pistol has a “Badass” Logo on it, the probes on her pulse blaster are replaced with shards, and her clothes have bright yellow streaks etc etc. (These are for the final two teams.)
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