T2 skins not unlockable by lootpacks?

Someone mentioned that the upcoming T2 skins cannot be unlocked by faction loot packs. According to this person that statement comes from a gearbox representative. Is there anyone that can confirm this? Also if true are faction lootpacks still usefull if you cant get T2 skins out of it?

Gearbox hasn’t given us anything official so take everything with a grain of salt


T2 skins are not even available, idk if they are in the game already but they are definitely not available to players.

Gearbox (or 2k) haasn’t said anything about they are not available yet, or why.

I’m lucky and occasionally I get to hear a lot of stuff from the developers before others do but I haven’t heard of anything regarding this. That’s not to say that it is or isn’t true, just that I didn’t get the early scoop on it this time. I don’t get to hear everything first and often get my information from others who do whom I know have early access as well.

It would be nice to know, but until we have official word through a more reliable channel, it means nothing. Specifically, I’d like to know if existing packs will have a chance or if there’s no point in holding them.

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Yea I would really like to know this as well. When I heard t2 skins were coming with Alani I started stock piling credits…well no T2 so I’m sitting on close to 40k and I’m just going to keep sitting on it until they are released because I have no reason to buy anymore packs at the moment. Sure I’m missing out on some legendaries/epics but I have like 25 legendaries and 40 some epics so no biggie.

I wonder what would happen first: PC player base extinction or tier 2 skins release.

The number of peak players is currently 2100 more or less. Since this is the first weekend where the numbers do not rise but stagnate. I will assume that the number will stagnate every weekend. Now when we look at midweek player peak it seems to lose 200 players daily at the least. Doing the match that would leave GBX 10 days to implement T2 skins if we assume 200 players will continue to leave the game each day.