T2 skins. Pay or earn?

With the current post about the newly revealed Micro transactions Do you guys think it’s fair or unfair?

  • Would you like an option to be able to earn and/or grind for the skins? (pay in game currency)

In my opinion it wouldn’t bother me as much if we knew for sure you could buy the skins with in game currency (make them 4k-5k coins) besides the real money cost. I actually enjoy working and grinding to unlock new things in games, not working an extra hour or 2 at my job so i don’t feel too guilty about shelling out cash for cosmetics.

What do you guys think? should we get the second option for those of us who rather grind it out and earn those skins?


Adding an in game way to buy the skins would make is happier but happiness=/=money.

  1. It’s not up to us at all to change it
  2. It would only account for less money for 2k/Gearbox so yeah it isn’t happening.

I’d like to think both companies would want their customers to be happy, but at the end of the day they’re businesses.

Yeah would be nice but now that it’s coming I already have 3 people I play with quitting the game. It’s making me think how many more are going to quit because of this.

Skins are just cosmetic. Doesn’t change the gameplay mechanics so I don’t care what they do

Just to piss more people off I’d enjoy if they only costed real money to buy. Too many people are whining

Well the people i know that are quitting is because of this:

the screenshot says it all. the Skins just seem like the way to get the foot in the door. and i know thats not a fake because i saw those loot packs as well before they removed them.

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I’d much rather grind to unlock skins with credits. Gives me something else to work towards. I guess I wouldn’t mind as much if the skins and taunts weren’t so pricy. As it stands, I can’t see spending more than a buck for any of the T2 skins. Looks like I’m waiting for them to go on sale.

Even if loot/boost packs can be purchased with real money, I don’t see the big deal. If people want to shell out more money let them. I’ll keep enjoying the game regardless. Hell as long as this game gets good continued support, I may actually buy some skins. That’s what I did for BL2. I don’t care about skins really, but I felt like I got more than my money’s worth with that game and purchased some skin packs, pretty much just to show my appreciation for GBX long continued support. Won’t buy loot packs though, I enjoy earning my loot. And as it is now loot in BB is balanced enough to where I don’t feel like I’m missing anything by having low stat gear.

People are quitting over the fact that you will be able to buy loot packs and XP boosts with real money? LOL those people are stupid. If you don’t want to pay money for that kind of stuff, then don’t. OTHER people being able to does not in any way affect your enjoyment of the game. That is, unless your enjoyment is, “I Like to pubstomp newbies who don’t have gear and are lvl 1.” Because if that’s your idea of enjoyment then you’re a jerk and I’m glad you’re leaving.

“OMG a game company has introduced micro-transactions.” LOL welcome to 2016, this kind of reaction is old hat and has been since 2005. Please learn to accept the things that you can’t change, you’ll whine a lot less in life and be less of an annoyance to the masses.

FYI - This is from a guy who refuses to pay for any microtransactions, even on F2P games.


On one hand I feel it’s a great idea since if they earn more money it can go towards new and better servers (let’s face it. PS4 Battleborn can be very choppy. I have the best internet Verizon has to offer and always have a full bar connection and still get choppy rounds often. Not sure if it’s the servers or what but it’s quite likely) and other stuff. However, I feel they should add a way to get them in game (either Platinum dropping super rarely or them costing a bunch of credits. Somewhere around 100,000+ so people are more likely to just buy Platinum but still gives us a choice). Anybody else agree?

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I am fine with microtransactions actually, won’t buy any myself, but im ok with it. However, there needs a balance of being able to earn them. The longevity of (most) games are linked to progression. People like to grind and earn stuff.

I personally am pretty much done earning the stuff they have in game besides some lore challenges and some alt skins. I was working to earn coins and buy packs to get those skins. I would like to use working toward these new skins as an objective to continue playing. They said they are in it for the long run so make a long run decision. I know it’s a bad word but Overwatch has the ability to do both (real money and ingame) as well as other games. This is an industry “standard” now to have the option for both.


how bout both? if you don’t wanna grind, instead buy?

That works for me. As long as an option exist and not just the pay option I wouldn’t make a fuzz about it

Both methods could co-exist.

I never say I don’t want microtransactions here, on the contrarie, I expected T3 skins, being a changed model and all, were about to be in the marketplace. I didn’t expect T2 to be only for money and not after the delay of re-introduce them in game.

I will like a method to get them in game, not only for money, even if it is a RNG box bought for in-game currency with a little possibility. I don’t mind people don’t wanting to grind to go and buy them directly.

It’s like in Blade and Soul, a free to play game from NcSoft. You can grind your gear, grind dungeons that drop outfits, you can earn gold and then use the currency exchange to get Hongmoon coin (store coin) to get the sweet-ass outfits in the store… or you can give NcSoft money for outfits and use the currency exchange to get gold. It’s up to you and I don’t mind see wallet warriors with outfits and good gear if I can get my nonetheless.


I think most people that are upset, like me, are upset because we’ve already paid a ■■■■ ton of money for the game and now to get more in game content we have to spend more money. I paid $60 for the game and $20 for the season pass and yet that seems to not be enough for them.

It wouldn’t be such a big deal, honestly, if you could earn this currency in game. Yes, a lot of games have microtransactions, but first of all, most of them are free to play and secondly, most offer a way to earn the currency in game.

In my opinion there is no reason the 2 can’t co exist. Yes, they are just skins, but i’ve already paid almost $100 for this game, why should I have to spend more for extra content. Borderlands had paid skins sure, but there were only 6 characters. It’s just very frustrating.


I think earning this by grinding is a fair game mechanic, but also unnecessary. While it would be nice to unlock this after playing the game for a certain amount of time, that won’t help the developers push out more free stuff, and people would somehow unlock these skins in a day and then be upset there isn’t anything else to unlock. A lot of non-free to play games of micro transactions nowadays, and a lot are even worse than this (looking at you, Overwatch). But even immensely popular games like Rocketleague and Borderlands had micro transactions for purely cosmetic changes, and I don’t recall anyone really complaining. For Borderlands, yes there were only 6 characters, but do you really play as all 26 characters in Battleborn? Or better yet, do you like all 26 characters enough to want to buy them all their new taunts and skins? I bet the answer is no, and if you’re like me, you really have only 6 characters you really like to use, and you’d probably invest in your top 3.

When I played Borderlands 2, I was never mad about a skin being locked behind some sort of paywall. It never took away from the game, and since I almost never even saw my character, I’d usually forget what I looked like anyway. I feel that a cosmetic micro transaction is not a big deal, and we don’t need to get one more thing for free. We’re getting characters, maps, and game modes all for free. In any other game, that would be $30 DLC right there. I think we should all realize this is cosmetic, and that we’ll be getting stuff that actually adds stuff to the game for FREE. So if you don’t like to pay for skins, don’t buy them. At the end of the day, you still get to play Battleborn and enjoy a phenomenal game.


I completely understand your point of view. It just sucks. For me anyway. I have 2 characters mastered, an additional 5 character’s lore completed and im almost done with another 4. There are really only 4 or 5 characters in this game I have zero interest in.

Do i need all the skins? No. Do i want all the skins? No. But the amount of skins I will want, will set me back a pretty penny. More than I expected to pay for this game. I’ve already shelled out so much money on this game.

I am not asking for these skins to be free or for them to completely get rid of micro transactions. I am asking for a way to earn this currency in game. I don’t even care if it’s a ridiculous grind. I honestly don’t. But for the people like myself that feel they have already spent a lot of money on this game and doesn’t feel like spending anymore, they should give us the option to earn in game. I honestly don’t think that’s unreasonable.


Not to mention each skin is only re-textures and they are going for 420 platinum, you get 700 platinum for $4.99. I know people hate Comparing Overwatch and BB but I already see a migration of friends going back to Overwatch since there you can at least earn the packs without ever buying a single one and have a chance at their alternate skins.

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That’s right. You still have infinite levels in Overwatch and a pack in every level (tho I know Blizzard made on purpose the leveling in high leveles an excruciating pain so people buy packs), so you can grind your stuff, doesn’t matter the time it will take you.

But here, these aren’t even T3 with different model skins, these are T2… So simplistic than everyone and their grandmother thought they were part of the game without another purchase when they saw them on beta.

And they aren’t specially cheap and having to buy a coin to get them only makes you buy more coin that the coin you really need.

With another way to get them I won’t mind they placing these skins on the store, even in these prices, but the way it is right now…

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Actually, wrong.

XP Caps out @ LV22, and resets to LV0 @ LV100.

You, on average get 1.25 Lootboxes an hour, more if you’re in a group…and when you hit 100 and reset, the first 1-22 ones are easy to get again.

Someone did the math. If you played for only one hour a day, for say, a year, you’d own 80% of the current cosmetic items. Certainly have enough credits to buy whatever you wanted too. That’s if you only play an hour - mind you. IF you play 2-3 hours a day - that much faster.

How is MT bad in OW exactly?.Unlike BB’s exp and money boost packs it’s purely cosmetic.