T3/premium skin ideas

Hm; Let me see if I still have ideas I haven’t posted yet;

  • Old Wild West Bandit Orendi: Cowgirl hat cowgirl boots with spurs, etc. Each Chaos Bolt fired will have a Pistol Shot sound effect as if you were firing 4 Maggies at once. Nullify will have a Snappin’ Whip sound, uhhh Shadowfires will moo like…a…cow?

  • Stuffed Turkey Ernest: Crispy brown and delicious; his grenade launcher launches exploding stuffing? His mines Gobble like a turkey when exploded (his Ult gobbles with each explosion).

  • Mid-Evil Galilea: She switches out her armor for a medieval European-style armor and chain-mail. Her call outs are all in old English.

I got more but I’ll just leave these here.


Oooh, I like these ideas. How about:

  • Futuristic super-soldier Ernest
  • WWII Whiskey Foxtrot
  • Jedi Rath (amazed nobody else posted this yet)
  • A Benedict skin with a huge old fashioned iron-bound cannon replacing his rocket launcher
  • Fire Elemental Alani
  • Steampunk Toby

A dapper “Jane Bond” Mellka :open_mouth:


Everybody’s thinking It, I’m just saying it…
Borderlands skins.

Oscar Mike as Axton.
Rath as Zer0.
Alani as Maya.
Boldur as Salvador.

Melka as Lillith.
Shayna and Aurox as Mordecai and Bloodwing.
Ghalt as Roland/Brick.

Reyna as Nisha.
Galilea as Athena.
ISIC as… Claptrap.

Whiskey Foxtrot as Bone Head.
El Dragón as Badass Psycho Bandit.
Orendi as Tiny Tina (duh).
Marquis as Sir Hammerlock.
Kleese as TK Baha.
Kelvin as Bullymong.
Montana as… Ellie?

Anyone got any other suggestions?

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  • Eldrid themed Rath
  • Jennerit themed Mellka with a fancy cybernetic arm
  • Wild West Orendi (with four revolvers instead of her chaos bolts and a cowboy hat!)
  • A reskin for the sentries and minions making them look like they’re made out of spare parts and stuck together with duct tape
  • Viking Boldur

@arcaneredneck It’s funny, the whole Gentlemanly Sniper character that Gearbox does seems to have passed over from Borderlands, Sir Hammerlock to Marquis.

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So far we have the faction swap skins. Jennerit Rath as Eldrid. Eldrid Miko as LLC. LLC Marquis as UPR. So UPR ??? as Rogue and Rogue ??? as Jennerit. My guess is Benedict for the UPR to Rogue as his original colors before making him the UPG green were more along the lines of the current Rogue orange.

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