T3 Skins possibly character breaking/unfair?

I wasn’t sure how to word the title so I will do my best to explain.

So at some point T3 skins will be released that will have different character models with them. My question is -

Could having a characters model changed give a slight advantage due to hitboxes.

Example - Kleese is one of my mains, I play him religiously. He is also the largest support with the least amount of life and is quite easy to hit. If T3 skins come out and say…gave him an Ironman suit instead of his chair. That would make him much much smaller than his default model. Making him smaller gives him a slight advantage and it makes it seem like that skin would be a “must have” for top Kleese players.

Thoughts? In LoL when a character model is changed there isn’t much affected, same with Smite because you cant crit like you can in BB. So changing a character model might break the default models

Have you seen anything to hint that New skins will have dramatic shifts?

I know there will be re-textures instead of just pallet swaps, but nothing has led me to believe that massive design changes are on the agenda.

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I doubt the models will be changed that much. They shouldn’t completely break the characters silhouettes - they should still be recognizable even with an alternate skin.

Look at these, for example;




3D models were changed but there is no change to hitboxes. All three still look like Reinhardt, despite the alternate skins missing the helmet completely and the last ones armor is very different.

I could do a silhouette comparison but I’m too lazy, sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Good point, it was just a thought rattling around in my head that could possibly happen is all.

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I’m hoping we can look forward to something like this with the T3 skins :slight_smile:


Skin model != Hitbox volumes

Yeah, I doubt they’d ever change a silhouette dramatically in a skin. It’s cosmetic.

Kleese will always be carrying around his big ol’ hitbox.

You bring up a valid concern, one that has been mentioned by the devs. Hitbox changes as well as recognizability are concerns for making new skins and are being taken into consideration