Taal Volcano (BL3 players)

I know some of yall know of the Taal Volcano erupting in Philippines. We have a few BL3 players in the area and just hope yall are all OK!

@nat_zero_six an avid BL3 player, also lives close by. This was their last post since the eruptions:

Not sure how many of yall are religious for prayers, or just wanting wishing good will. Hope all in the area are safe and if yall can keep us updated.

:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

(if you know of others let me know and I can tag them)


Based on the forum profile β€œSeen 2 hours” and fact he is playing Uncharted right now, I would say he’s fine.


:open_mouth: lol good to know!


Sounds like an intervention is called for…

Glad he’s OK though.


we are just barely outside the danger zone. fissuring in the ground near the volcano and constant earthquake suggest it will erupt anytime soon.

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Is you or your family’s safety at risk?

Intervention? Those enemies are flanking quite well at the hardest difficulty for such an old game, just as i remembered - plus its free (ish) at the moment.
Still best wishes @nat_zero_six aswell as other fellow comrades

I don’t think a quirky quest will stop those bad vibes.

i used to live in laguna back in grade school, i have relatives there and its been a non-stop ash fest. stay safe yall!