Tabletop games!

Hey guys so I’m joining a Star Wars tabletop. I have never done table top and joining a friends group but I want some info on how I do this whole thing. I know some things, not much, and don’t want to go in blind! Any pointers much appreciated!

Also we can talk about other tabletops!

Sounds like something an uber nerd would play, I think you have to dress the part.

you will look good as

What if I told you that was my wife’s fantasy? me dressing up not her…

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Hey if she wants you to dress like princess leia then go for it man…

Lol if she ever asked me to I probably would.

if you ever do make sure there are pictures taken

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Well TT depends a lot on the group. Some are more into the role play and some are not, maybe just there for battles and encounters. That being said, be prepared to role play a little. If you know ahead of time what type of character or class you are playing, plan a little of their background and personality. If not, just go with it.

TT is great in that to its basic form, it takes only pencil, paper, and some dice. The goal is being creative outside of all that and having fun. And you rarely come away disappointed from that goal.

Let us know how it goes.

I definitely will!

uber nerd…

1 Like is my go to for 5e rules.

Don’t know which verison of the D20 system you’re running, but 5e is very cool/simple and allows for a lot of development.

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I will definitely check that page out. I don’t know what version we are playing, I will ask her that.