Tactical Fleet Simulator Remastered looking for volunteers

Tactical Fleet Simulator (TFS) is a total overhaul with the aim of transforming Homeworld 2 into a tactics-oriented strategy game. Initial versions aimed for a more immersive tactical “simulator” orientation, the current version provides a more refined, stable and consistent RTS experience. The latest release represents almost nine years of development and continuous refinement.

TFS revamps the entire pace of the game and its combat aspects while introducing new content, ship classes and unit subclasses, updating the entire ship roster and tech tree in the process. Recurring themes are quasi-modern (circa 20th century) air and naval doctrines modified for three-dimensional movement complete with a proper unit classification system. Grand strategy plays a significant role, but the emphasis is placed on battlefield adaptability simulated by a large amount of assets available to the player. TFS takes a combined arms approach - there are no individual “uber” units as found in most RTS games. Even the largest capital ships will fall prey to opposing forces in short order if not managed correctly and utilized in conjunction with other units.

If you’ve never heard of it before, here is my TFS v2.9 trailer

Here is the TFS moddb page. Here is the Steam Workshop page.

We’re looking for modders and contributors to help us port the game over to Remastered.

If you’re interested in helping us or in playing multiplayer games, come join our new Discord channel!

More announcements to come.

Hello there! I’ve been meaning to jump back into Homeworld for a while now, especially with modding. If what you’ve mentioned is what I’m imagining, your mod sounds mighty fine there!

Not gonna lie, those fighters launching missiles did it for me. The last mini project I was fiddling with replaced a lot of traditional ballistics with missiles.

I’m more than happy to help, though rusty. Let me know what you’re needing, and hopefully I can be of assistance!

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Hey CryCoh! It’s nice to hear from you. I’m really glad you liked the trailer, I put a lot of work into it and it’s nice to see that it gives a good feel for the mod. You’re right, the missile feature on fighters is absolutely amazing and something I hope to see in Homeworld 3 as well.

Go ahead and hop into our Discord for more information about how you can help. We’re making some big announcements soon.

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