Tactical Fleet Simulator v2.9 released

I have released v2.9.1 for the Tactical Fleet Simulator (TFS) Homeworld 2 mod. This will most likely be the last major release of TFS for Homeworld 2 Classic, as future versions will be developed for Homeworld Remastered.

Update: TFS is now available on Steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=398983107

Tactical Fleet Simulator (v2.9.1)

We are also looking to expand the TFS development group - specifically we are looking for texturers and 3D model artists to help port v2.9 over to the Homeworld Remastered game engine and who would like to create new ships for future versions of the mod. If you would like to help the development of future versions of the mod in any other way, we are always looking for any kind of assistance we can get!

We have a Steam group up for those interested in playing or discussing TFS online:
TFS Steam Group


Good to see this being developed again, The most I can help with is testing and balancing. Congrats on your release.