Tactical Overlay Upgrade mods


I’ve published two small mods for Homeworld 2 Classic and Homeworld Remastered that add a new Tactical Overlay mode. It is the same as the TO with all the ships icons and area-of-effect spheres but without the spheres as they can become version cluttering end game.

There are screenshot illustrating this on the steam workshop pages :

It’s rather basic and should work with most other mods but I’ve only tested it with Complex Enhanced on HW2 Classic so far.

I’m thinking of trying to see if I can change the distance at which icons appears to try to make them show up a bit closer to the camera.
Also maybe try to make different icons to help differentiate Bombers and Fighters for exemple.

However I have no idea if that is at all possble, if someone has any insight if that possible and where to look for it, I’m all open !

Let me know what you think.

See you in space


Different icons should be pretty easy, just add a new TO graphic and call for it in the ship file (eg: all I had to do to shift research ships to a utility icon was change “diamond” to “inverted diamond”, it could just as easily been “smilie”, as long as I had a smilie)
I think the TO graphics live in the UI folder, but I may be wrong on that