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So me and some friends tried something crazy the other day and it made me think of asking what crazy ideas you guys have tried to get a win. This can be in any mode, let’s just hear about crazy tactics that the other team couldn’t stop!

Mine? Triple stealth harrassment. Deande, shayne and OM running past there team stealthed. Destroying turrets, harrassing sentries, killing minions shortly after spawn. We had two randoms with us running melka and ambra who did a great job of holding center. Our trio got the other team jumping at shadows, checjing everywhere with full paranoia trying to figure out what was going on. The other team was two groups (3 and 2) and just couldn’t coordinate.

We ended up blowing up first sentry and beating down the second a bit before time ended the match. Loads of fun!

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Do you mean OM?

I’ve played against teams that just stacked AoE abilities with Marquis’ slow which would just decimate our whole team whenever we got backed into a lane. Plus they had a Boldur and Shayne holding us back so we could never get to the ranged attackers.

Hah, yah. Touch screens are not my friend.


-5 players
-Highest ranked player takes Gal (does not have to have experience with her though :wink: )
-2. Marquis (for slow areas) or Miko (usual groupheal + CC + DD)
-3. Thorn (AoE) or OM (AoE + Cloak)
-4. Shayne&Aurox (Cloak + AoE)
-5. Deande (Cloak, Movement)

The tactic is rather simple. Gal tests out how the enemies respond to her -
if they run at instinct: Baiting works.
if they chase her immediately as main target: Baiting works.

To increase the chance of the tactics success the highest CR-player takes Gal. In the best case the enemy team panics even before the match starts.

Either chase or let them escape, in both cases they are free game for the rest of the team. Cloaked teammates can lay in wait at chokepoints and the big variety of AoE can even create new chokepoints.
Further confusion for the enemies is served through cloaking & at best Deandes twins.
Of course you can do your tactics with sneaking behind enemy lines as well if Gal(+OM/Miko) keeps them busy in between.

This is highly based on luck, communication and a third eye exclusively watching minimap^^

Fun fact: Even if Gal plays like crap, the “OP Hype” will work for you. Just let your team do the maindamage and work - it will be fun to see the highscores at the end with Gal = lowest kills lol

Drawback: Gal + high CR = enemy group could quit/leave the match out of to much panic…

Hello, Satan. Always nice to have your input. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s actually quite ingenious. I wish I could get enough people together to actually pull off strats like this. PS4 is typically very quiet when it comes to mics, and the ones that do have them aren’t always the most communicative XD

OPs idea is pretty damn good too. If I can get enough friends together I’m gonna give that a try.

Don’t have any ideas of my own to contribute, sadly…


That sir is just…EVIL. I love it! But seriously you can’t have my throne, there’s only room for one evil overlords and that chair is mine. :grin:

Addendum. Ok fine ill share the evil chair with you. That’s just too evil not to recognize. You can have the major holidays and weekends.

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Thank, you thank you! ‘tips evil hat’ Its especially evil since its not bound on the Gal-players skill or Gals skills at all, just on fear and psychology.
I wrote this because I think the “Gal-OP”-hype is the reason Gal is OP - its a stand-alone-complex of pure fear (MUHAHAHAHA)
People react unconciously if Gal appears - they might not even notice it. On that bases its easy to let them panic.

I watched to much GitS the last weeks, I´m getting evil & paranoid. Liked it better when I was simply insane.

Waaaaaiiiiit - you´re the one who stole my presciptional throne!!! How did you even got it through my trapdoor entrance??? Wizardry! Witchcraft!!!
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Ok fine ill walk mr cuddles but I’m not picking up after him, or like stopping him from eating jedi, or people.

Not my fault your evil sanctum had shoddy security. :sunglasses:

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