Taiidan Defense Fighters: cooler than you think

So the Defense Fighters (not defenders) are a Taiidan only unit that in HW1 would shoot down enemy projectiles. Not the case here. They shoot down torpedoes and missiles.

I’ll have a video up soon, but these things pretty much cut the balls off of Torpedo Frigates, Hig and Vag destroyers, Vag missile vets, Vag missile frigates, and (i assume, didn’t test) the Vag BC.

In the test I ran, only the missile vets were able to get ANY missiles through a screen of 5 defense fighters.

Let your mind chew on those possibilities for a while.

Also, a side note. the Taiidan Field Frigate, which also only stopped projectiles in HW1 stops both projectiles and missiles and torpedoes. These things are hard to micro, the field depletes really fast, but 3 of them are enough to keep a constant field going.

I’ll edit this Op once I have a demonstration video up.

Edit: video



Might want to change vag to vaygr or veygr or heck even just vey/vay :smiley: (Don’t know if you’re an english native speaker but vag refers to something completely different)

I am a native english speaker, and I meant what I said. :wink:

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I’ve been meaning to test that out myself. Interesting.

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This painstaking micromanagement to position them effectively along with the general fragility of frigates has always made DFFs not appealing to use. I kind of miss the refined versions from Cataclysm - they would only deflect a percentage of enemy fire but the field was passive (permanently on, no activation required).


it was also passive in the original game…

As missile and mines were rare…It was a pretty effective defence.

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Agreed, I think if they were acted as they did in HW and HW:C with the effectiveness of the current field they would be to powerful. But with the current size of the field, formations and guard system not working correctly, and the burst speed the field is active, they are too difficult to use for my taste.

I could probably live with grouping and micro managing the field times if I could either command them to stay with the units they were guarding (like they did in HW) or put them in a real formation with the units and they hold formation (also viable in the real HWs) but currently they are just plain annoying.

Btw, cloak gens suffer from the same issues. It’s so much of a pain to keep three of them with each other AND the units they are hiding that it’s just not worth the effort and investment.

hence why field sizes can be edited.

I just tested the frigates and they worked great. a lot of micro yes but soooooo worth it.

Defense field frigates plus cloak generators = invisible shields

Amazing to me that this conversation shifted to my ‘on a side note’. Maybe I should’ve done a video on FFs instead : P

Do the Defense field frigates drain as fast as the Hiigaran ones? In HW1 only the frigates were really worthwhile, didn’t see much use out of the fighters. Good to know though!

It’s kind of odd that HWR makes some units function a lot better than HW1 and the reverse for some others. Gravwell generators are the new flypaper for strike craft but missile destroyers take their time in cleaning up enemy fighters.

Do the Hiigarans have a FF?

I first to time, I edit when I do. But if feels like 5 second drain 11 second recharge.

Gravwells did the same thing in HW1, except you could turn them off. If you left them on until they were out of energy, they would explode. But they were always effective at stopping all vettes and below in their tracks. If they get formations working again and give us back the custom formation, I’ll show you a neat trick with gravwells and defenders :smiling_imp:

And did I read you right saying fighters weren’t good in HW1?:flushed:

I don’t recall Defense Field fighters being that effective. I was never really sure if they were working right because the Fighters didn’t have a drawn radius of their effective range. I know they worked when they kamikazie’d…

Yeah, the Hiigarans have a defense field frigate of their own. It’s almost useless because the ability drains so quickly. The way you’re describing the Defense Field Frigates I wonder if Gearbox just took the Hiigaran ability and pasted it on the Taiidan frigate… including the pathetic use time.

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Ah, didn’t realise the Hig had a Field Frig.

The defense fighters never had a field or shield. They have lasers that shoot down projectiles. Watch the video in the op, you’ll see what they do.

They shoot a 3 laser burst every 2.5s.
2575 range.
22 damage.
67.8% accuracy.
Well, so it looks like some things will take 2-3 hits, right?

Hm so it takes about 1.4 of them per torp frigate to shut them down. Like a few got through with 5 vs 4 torps. And if you had less than that, they’d fair even worse since missiles would split up and waste more shots.

In HW1 they fired every 1 second, at 6000 range and yeah I think they got overwhelmed attacking projectiles so they didn’t do a lot.e

In your tests, they aren’t getting attacked by flak or intercepters/corvettes. :stuck_out_tongue:
I buffed them in my mod by increasing their HP since they’re just so easy to kill and counter, and I stand by that. Might end up reducing their attack speed, though.

If you’d played the HW2 campaign you;d know, you’re forced to use them later.

And tbh even with the short cycle time they are stills SO worth it with the right micro. You can keep the squishier frigates alive WAY longer in a fight with a capital ship by keeping a pair of these on the front lines.

In fact the Hiigaran one allowed me to keep most of my frigates alive in a run in with a vaygr BC in the second to last mission. The only significant damage that got through was the trinity cannon so I only lost a few frigs.