Taiidan Interceptors

Is it just me, or do they now no longer fire their central gun? They only seem to use the side-gun now.

Both the Kushan and Taiidan interceptors make use of only one turret. The .ship file denotes only one weapon being listed.

This was probably done to create balance between the four races, but honestly its comes across as either a slip-up or laziness. If there are two weapon hardpoints on the fighters, its understandable that maybe the single weapon was just a place holder and the second would be added, but if only one… well the devs messed up then. Cosmetically, that is, as this does not affect gameplay in game right now.

Is there a way to report this as a bug?

Well, for a time people were posting individual threads (such as this one) with titles and a description of something missing, broken, or unbalanced in the game.

This is about all you can do, besides maybe poking a few devs. Most of them, however, seem to be missing from the Homeworld section of the forums for the time being…

Sastrei, thanks for the provided link below.


I’d need to verify in the game their actual performance, but only having one weapon in the ship file is not confirmation enough. For weapon groups like this they almost certainly have one main joint that the weapon is assigned to and a slave joint, so any weapon attached to main joint fires twice, with a delay between barrels defined in the weapon file.

I was referring to the .ship file, not the actual model or joints, just to clarify. There could very well be possible other hardpoints, or joints ( I don’t know the correct terminology for these) aside from the ones listed in the file.

I’m not sure how to check that, do chime in after your verification, though!

Played with taii interceptors a bit and they do appear to have only one weapon. I didn’t really doubt the possibility of this, though it’s a shame, I just wanted to point out that checking the ship file doesn’t tell you for certain. The vaygr battlecruiser only has one entry in it’s ship file for the trinity cannon for instance, not three.

The best way to check would be to open the hod, but that’s not really available unless you kept a copy of the old data files around. The other way to check would be to do the math on the DPS of the ship’s weapon file and compare it to the ingame firepower value. Last I checked that firepower value takes into account slave joints/hardpoints(I use the two interchangeably myself) so if the ship has twice the firepower that the weapon’s DPS comes out to, it’s got a slave barrel. If it’s equal, it doesn’t.

What central gun, the Taiidan Interceptor only has one mounted gun. There are no other guns to be set up for firing. Only the Kushan interceptor has two guns.

The port under the cockpit is also a gun, or was in HW1

Umm, no, it is from my original game I am getting this, that would be the sensor cluster.

It’s really not.


Best screenshot I could get because my HW1C is being super crashy, but both barrels definitely were firing. Homeworld Shipyards also lists it as having two guns, and I’ve never encountered that site being wrong about mechanical details

That looks like a scout.

The selection text disagrees (upside down in the bottom right corner because my HW1C is taking flipped screenshots half the time for some reason)

I stand corrected!