Take a minute to think before you make statements about the development team

It’s a bit disappointing when I read posts with people saying that the development team is greedy, lazy, implying they’re incompetent and don’t know how to do their jobs and saying that people should be fired and lose their way to support themselves and others who depend on them.
These are horrible things to say about anyone especially when people don’t know ALL of the facts about what went on during the development process of this game.
One thing that I know to be a hard truth about this industry is most of the people who enter into it are passionate about gaming and making games, their not doing it to get rich or because their greedy.
I’m quite sure that NO ONE on the Gearbox staff wanted to make a terrible game or disappoint their loyal fanbase.
If you don’t work in this industry (I do not) I would highly recommend that you read " Blood, Sweat and Pixels " by Jason Schreier or some of his articles from insiders ( especially the one about Anthem ) before you’re making statements about how people are lazy, greedy or should be fired.
Mistakes happen all of the time NO ONE is perfect and I’m positive everyone posting this stuff has made mistakes at work before. The only difference is that your job probably isn’t put up on a public fourm where your critiqued by thousands of people for it and their making these statements about you.
Just remember that there is REAL people who work REAL hard to provide you these games, and you provide them jobs to support themselves by buying their hard work.
Unless you were on the Gearbox staff or have direct knowledge of everything that went on during the entire development process of this game you shouldn’t be making these kind of disrespectful statements about anyone… It’s not helping to improve anything.
With that said… I 'm not making excuses for any of the problems with this game and I don’t think ANYONE should hold back any constructive criticism about the game and how it should move forward to being as great as Borderlands 1 & 2 have been.
Just take a minute to read your posts and try not to be disrespectful to those who worked hard to provide us with another Borderands that I’m sure will turn out to be even better than 1 & 2.
I’m sure that they want to make it the best experience as possible for their loyal fans and appreciate that you spent your hard earned money on their hard work.


and they didn’t. i don’t agree with a lot of things, mostly as of late. but it’s not a terrible game by any means imo.

That said, many passionate gamers will say things before they think, that i’m sure they regret. i’ve said things in heated moments i’m not proud off. so i’m not innnocent, by any means. i believe a lot of issues could be avoided with a proper communication and honesty which is easier said than done, obviously. there are a lot of things going on and there’s now way to proper communicate to the community about everything but if something is brought up by a large porton of the community, it should be acknowledged and explained futher. being honest is common sense though, there’s no excuses. there are far to many conveinent excuses about certain things and a lot of people just don’t believe it, which is saying something. if you know it will upset a lot of people, you tell them anyway. i bet most will get over it and understand. hiding or blaming it on something else is just wrong and will only fuel the fire even more. communication is key.


As somebody whom has only experienced minor (but annoying, nonetheless) bugs on the PS4 version (ie: junk/fav option not working and losing my fast travels playing splitscreen), I love this game. Can’t stop playing it.


So much this. 100%. This team has given us their all, with more to come. Wish we could have a Developer Appreciation Event some how. (Which is ironic cause they would have to make it…so…idk. lol) Surely there is some way tho. Be cool.


This post is accurate, to many people complain incessantly about changes gearbox makes to balance without thinking about the big picture. They are trying hard to make their game even better and last for years and I think people should be a bit more polite when addressing them and people whom defend them and the balance changes they apply.


I agree. People can talk about things they didn’t like about the game without it becoming a personal attack against the developers.


Some of the posts I have read over the last few weeks make it sound like Gearbox intentionally went out of their way to ruin peoples lives…
There’s definitely some problems currently.
And people should give criticism and feedback.
But my God 2 of the last games I’ve bought were Fallout 76 and Anthem.
This game is a masterpiece compared to them.


All I can say from working on software updates myself (not programming the software itself, but creating content for the library and sh!t), it’s very complicated and there’s a feckton of things to fix and you only have so much time. You give your best to fix as much as possible, you try to fix the most pressing problems first, you try to do it fast because of the pressure, but still there’s only so much you can do in a limited time for the next update. And you feel sorry if you’ve missed/couldn’t fix in time a lot of things that still annoy users.

This experience has taught me to be a little more forgiving to game devs. My impression is that the people at Gearbox are working hard, and I appreciate their hard work.


Well said, well said indeed. It is rather disappointing to see the GBX developers get slandered because people aren’t satisfied with the product that they’ve worked so hard to produce. In my opinion, not enough people realise that they’re making it for the sole purpose of enjoyment. Sadly, I think most people are in the mindset where they think that they’re entitled to demand a fix for every flaw they find and then expect it to be done at the snap of a finger. Yes, I get that the game isn’t perfect, but what is? I think some people need to learn to have a little more patience, remember that these fixes take time and effort, and not overreact when something that they want doesn’t appear in the following patch notes. It really is unfair.

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almost noone asked for either of those games though, so i think it’s a completely different situation and honestly, most people probably knew what to expect from EA and Bethesda nowdays.

This game have been a hard 7 years long wait for many people, it’s a sequel to a modern classic in a gaming industry that shifted a lot during and after it were released. alot of people have had incredibly high expectations on this release and speaking for myself viewed this game to be what games used to be, good 'ol fun without any of the bullsh!t we see today in most games. sadly, it’s not. it’s a great game but it wasn’t ready, and decisions post release gives me PTSD from destiny days. they’re working on patches and solving problems, aboslutely and i can wait but it’s not coming fast enough for many people and the lack of communication doesn’t help either. When all you see is small hotfixes that makes changes to balance which is viewd differently by everyone and adding events(which is on a schedule and from a seperate team i know) but not adressing many of the concerns it just doesn’t seem right. i guess…

but yes, it’s not an excuse for people acting like complete jackasses.


I agree with you Phoenix, to some degree.

There are many people at gearbox, i am convinced, for whom it is a labor of love to give us, the game purchaser, the very best Borderlands experience ever. And, for me, they succeed. But, they don’t succeed perfectly.

If somebody pays real, hard-earned money for anything, they are entitled to dispute any discrepancies between what they paid for, and what they believe that they actually received.

There ARE bugs in this game. For me, only very inconvenient ones, but I’ve read about some really bad ones on this forum. If those are to be believed, than we are lucky not to be afflicted with them, and I don’t blame those people for feeling cheated.

That said, the OP was stating that these seriously aggrieved people should not be attacking the developers, as a whole, because most of these people really, really want this game to be the very best (which I think is true).

Having spent years in the Silicon Valley software industry, my guess is that the problem is not the aggrieved consumer, nor the software developer, but what lurks above all of them.


Spot on…
I think a bit more communication is needed on where things are currently at would be very helpful and calm things down a bit.
It not like they went radio silent on us but communication has been a bit vague and not a frequent as it should be.
I can understand why people are getting frustrated.
And I 've seen a lot of good posts where people are spot on but they ruined their posts by insulting the dev team.

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Totally agree 100% with this…
No excuses for anything should be given and people should give good honest feedback on what they don’t like.
I’ve seen some really good posts where people are 100% correct in what their saying, unfortunately they ruined their creditably by putting insulting comments about the dev team into it.


You’re talking about feelings. My post that spurred you to make this, was talking about business. You aren’t going to convince me to mix the two.

I’m not insulting developers. I’m insulting the garbage quality they released. (UI specific not the whole game).

So basically the OP is saying if he ordered a Big Mac and got one with no patties just lettuce and bread he would hold off on complaining because he doesn’t understand the process of making a Big Mac?
Do your job right or gtfo this isn’t preschool. I would fire a single mother with 8 kids for screwing up my Big Mac. Bl3 isn’t a simple mistake it is cheap shovelware pushed out to make a buck on name alone.
Gaming has it easy any other consumer product this defective wouldn’t even of made it to the shelves. Try a real job like surveying where a single mistake would not only get you fired the lawsuits would bankrupt you. Or weld for industrial/aviation when every weld is xrayed and a few mistakes you are gone.


Exactly my point. I’m disabled nowadays. But when I was in the workforce, in my line of work, putting out the quality of product that the UI team put out. I would not only be fired, I’d be bankrupted by lawsuits. I promise you , nobody would feel bad for me. Feelings would not be in the equation whatsoever.

You already referred to my “good post” which outlined many of the so-called minor mistakes that show a complete failure of that part of this product. That’s what this is, a product. One they charge people 60-100$ + for.

I’m normally an extremely empathetic person. I don’t just say these things easily and without deep thought.


After thinking carefully, I would like to state that the development team has done an amazing job and this game is F**KING AMAZING


And i would guess whatever job that was not a single person firing or sueing you would give a single thought to your feelings.
Btw if a single Devs feelings were hurt by anything in these forums he would definitely have the wrong job.


No I’m not singling anyone out here… It’s not about you, if it were I would’ve quoted you.
And if you have made comments like the ones I referred to my original post your not alone. I could probably find and quote 100 different comments by plenty of people saying this kinda stuff.
I’m not trying to personally attack anyone here.
I’m sorry if you feel that way, it isn’t focused on you

I’m literally the only person who said they should be fired lol, of course you are singling me out. You specifically referred to my comments. :confused: Don’t worry I don’t feel attacked, I enjoy debate.

If anyone is interested: Heres the comment that prompted this discussion-Is Gearbox really to blame?