Take experience and credits for disconnecting a match

As the title suggests, take experience and credits from people who quit pvp matches. Let it have a cumulative effect when dealing with successive abandoning. Also allow credits to go into the negative and character unlocks by command rank be restricted should they fall below required level. Promise this will fix the problem.

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With respect this is a horrible idea… You know little of the persons circumstances on why they are quitting, Or if their internet cut out (as mine likes to at random moments) Where i agree quitting sucks this isn’t the way to fix it, it’ll only deter people from playing more. The problem isnt the game its the players, its the people choosing the quit that’s the problem and that’s really not something GBX can do much about. If your losing 20 - 100 in incursion i can see why your quitting, i dont agree but i can see why. Some people might only have so much time to play so they have to quit early, it sucks but it happens. I’d be curious on what platform you play because on PC ive gotten a very very small amount of people who actually leave. Surrenders yeah a few of them and a few DC people who come back but only a handful over the month who actually just flat out quit.

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Ps4. And you shouldnt que for a match if you dont have time. Why should your irresponsible time management destroy 4 others play experience? If your team doesnt want to surrender then thats unfortunate but no reason to chuck a tantrum. And by your own words you dont agree but your too much of a pacifist to realise the need for a strong deterence for this problem. LoL bans people for time limits and Dota does low prio (where your stuck with people that are sore losers just like the penalized player) but BB isnt on a single platform and doesn’t have the player base numbers to do that.

But in consideration you can make the first quit a small penalty. Just make a multiplicative effect so the next one hurts more and the third really hurts. I would prefer it tracked weekly though. So people dont quit one match, afk one, then quit again because the penalty resets. That system would require a more additive formula for the first quit with a set amount of completed games (say 3) inbetween quits so it can account for people who lose connection and cant get back on in time (which would require ISP cut off, as you would have atleast 10 minutes to get back on)

Yeah sure remove the usefulness of forfeiting…
Who want to stay in a match when they’re geting destroyed and having no fun ?
That’s probably the worst idea I’ve ever read.

The OP is referring to quitting a match, not surrendering. Surrendering is fine, when used appropriately, it’s a team decision on ending things (though some teams do surrender a little too quickly and this may need looking at). A player quitting a match is completely different - they leave the rest of the team a person down (or in a few games I’ve played, we’ve ended up 3 v 5 due to two quitters). This spoils the enjoyment for everyone in the game - it’s harder to come back when you are a man down and nigh on impossible when you have lost 2 players. It’s also a hollow victory for the other team (again I’ve been on the winning side when the other team had lost players and it doesn’t feel like a proper win).

It is possible in theory to tell the difference between someone who quits a game and someone who loses their internet connection, as I said in another thread:

Gearbox do need to look at some way of dealing with players who persistently quit matches. One-offs can maybe be forgiven but repeat offenders do need some sort of sanction imposed.

He says “forfeiting”.

My bad mate. Your right its misleading. I do mean disconnecting. Ill edit to clarify. Surrendering is the right way to quit. No penalty should be incurred for that.

Alright then, I remove what I said.

Indeed he says that in the title, but the first line of the OP is


You’ll also see from his subsequent post that this is what he is referring to when commenting on accounting between quitting and losing connection:

Quitting and abandoning are not the same as surrendering.

You’ll also see from other people responding in this thread that they have taken the OP to be about quitting, not surrendering. :slight_smile: