Take-Two CEO Explains How Disappointing Games like Battleborn and Evolve Don't Represent 2K's Quality

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@Jythri and @JoeKGBX
Care to comment on 2k calling Battleborn a failure?

Also, I’m sorry for 2ks comments. I can’t imagine they give you the warm fuzzies


I went to that comment section and gave my opinion.


Battleborn has its flaws but these people should be ashamed of themselves. They did not do their job. I did not see a single advertisement for the game from their “very powerful marketing system.”


Always look at the audience.

Take Two Interactive (the publicly-traded parent company of 2k) has to take care of stakeholders, and increase investor confidence that they understand their products and the performance of their products. Here, after a mixed year of releases, they want to at least let investors know they recognize that some products did better than others. It would probably be really bad for him to say “This product under-performed and we have no idea why!” :slight_smile:

Not going to defend their reasoning or wording, but I believe that’s the explanation.


Them saying they market their games heavily really pissed me off, yeah they sure did market battleborn at the right time, yeah they sure did market it a lot when near release. That’s ■■■■, they market their fighting and basketball games just right all the time, not evolve or battleborn though, and last if they called battleborn disappointment and met in sales AND as a game, ■■■■ them (and for how they shut down evolve when it was well)and their quality as a producer is ■■■■ too

I’m sorry for the language, but lately they just get me mad


Disappointing Games like Battleborn

Except Battleborn isn’t a disappointing game. I don’t know what Take-Two is smoking, but I’ve rarely heard people claiming the actual game to be a disappointment.

The matchmaking? Yes.
The long queue times? Yes.
The dwindling playerbase? Yes.

But the actual game; i.e. content, characters, missions, mechanics, etc?

I’ve heard much more praise than any negativity directed at those core elements (some, sure… but not nearly what Take-Two is making it out to be).


100% agree with your sentiment.


Funny reading this.

Because 2K wanted to milk Evolve as much as possible with the ■■■■-ton of DLC on day 1 Evolve had. Evolve Stage 2 was deemed a failure by them aswel.

Some of the reasons BB failed was the non existent marketing (thanks 2K) & Blizzards ability to always hoard all the attention. THe latter which was nothing done about either. No delay for extra polish, nope. Just push it out.

And now we have the situation where the playerbase is low, and the game being riddled with microtransactions possibly because 2K is just after just the money.

And don’t get me started on Mafia 3, or the Bioshock “remaster”.
Sorry for the rant here. But 2K really is a terrible publisher. Wish GBX wasn’t under contract with them for BL3.


Who do you think evolve and battleborn should of gone to

Once upon a time, I greatly respected 2K a lot for publishing games off-ish like Pirates!, the X-COM reboot, Borderlands, ect.

2K never specifically said, and it was not possible to infer, that Battleborn was a low quality game. Saying Battleborn was not a quality game was entirely based on the author’s interpretation of the interview.

It’s far more likely the game was a fiscal disappointment; it just didn’t make enough money to be considered a success.


At one point I would’ve considered Bethesda.
But they have their own dubious history as a publisher.

True I really don’t know which they truly belong to


Know this Jythri, I may say some negative things about this game and complain about balance and things like that. But no matter what, I still love this game and will continue to play it as long as you guys believe in it. I question many things you guys have done but I will never doubt that you made an amazing game.

I got 500+ hours of matches and missions and I don’t plan to stop playing any time soon.


You reap what you sow. If you don’t sow anything, YOU DONT REAP ANYTHING. You can’t expect a new IP to compete with Blizzard without any friggin’ marketing.


Unless you are a pirate. Then you can reap what others sow. But that’s EA not 2K.


I’m glad Jythri said it. The CEO of 2K was talking from a corporate standpoint, and all that matters to them are number. Playerbase, $$$ made, review scores.

And in most of those cases, Battleborn has been an abject failure.


This is utter bull***t. 2K saying the game doesn’t reflect their ‘standards of quality’ (notice the quotation marks), when they threw it at the monster that is Activision Blizzard without any proper marketing, and letting Gearbox to try and save the sinking ship (which, btw @Jythri, in my eyes, did a fantastic job of it, what with Battleborn Day and all) is making my skin crawl.

This game has flaws, we all know that. What 2K doesn’t seem to know is that even their ‘high-quality games’ have some too. Even legendary games like Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid 1 or Halo have some too. The game’s flaw aren’t what made the game sell poorly, it was just the rotten cherry placed on top of the cake of hypocrisy that 2K baked.

Of course the game would perform poorly if they dumped a whole lot of money in it and then asked for a miracle by letting Gearbox do all the marketing against goddamn Activision. Need I remind you, Gearbox is a developer. That means their job is to create games. 2K is a publisher. That means their job is to sell the games developers, like Gearbox, made. By forcing GBX to do 2K’s job, the publisher FAILED GBX, and certainly NOT the other way around.

They wasted a game with so much potential, so much potential in fact that despite all the in-game and out-game flaws I’ll STILL call it my personal fave if the year. Heck, let’s go with the last five years.

@Jythri, know this : you at Gearbox are obviously the wronged party, at least in my eyes. The fact that you still try to defend your publisher, despite what the blatant lack of support from their part, shows how much you deserve better.

I really, really hope you will carry on with what you do best, and that Battleborn will live on, and rise from the ashes as the Hero-Shooter genre’s underdog, its rightful place.

Signed, a fan.


Well maybe if 2k actually marketed the game it wouldn’t have been a “failure”. The game is great, the only “failure” here is 2k and their awful marketing


You have GOT to be kidding me. Their marketing for Battleborn was trash. They sent the game out against Blizzard and Overwatch with next to nothing in terms of publicity. That’s like trying to blow up a Panzer tank with a water pistol.

The launch flopped because they didn’t counter Blizzard’s immense publicity and hype, and now they try to say it was Gearbox’s fault? That’s just plain rude.


The first thought that came to my mind after reading that was if they would publish a Battleborn 2 if it was ever made. If I was a Battleborn player, I would be a bit worried.