Take-Two CEO Explains How Disappointing Games like Battleborn and Evolve Don't Represent 2K's Quality

Dude your being a troll, leave


Fact: forcing your opinion upon somebody does not constitute an argument or discussion.

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I am no troll. Even 2K and Take Two distance themselves from this Blunder. Are Take Two and 2K trolls?

Blunderborn is fair, it made a lot of mistakes. But that’s to say that OW has been perfect from day 1. Which uh, it clearly hasn’t (nothing can be obviously). If you’re going to say that the characters are more widely liked, and are better, I will say that I hear many more debates over OWs balance being messed up, and it would thus have worse balance than battleborn. See the problem?

Dude you are trolling don’t use stupid producers as an excuse

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I wouldn’t call them “trolls”, per se. After reading sections of that article, I’d say “cowardly, blame-shifting, misers”.

He was seriously going “No! Stop looking at Battleborn everyone! Look at our Basketball and Civ games instead please!” Gross.


Overwatch has a large competitive scene though. There will always be people who complain that certain picks are far too common. The same team comp always appears because other heroes aren’t “viable” enough (competitively). Blizzard constantly holds PTR’s that allow the PC player base to test changes before they go live. the only buff Blizzard have given so far that I don’t agree with was soldier 76’s damage increase. But apparently he is more “viable” now, according to the community, so what do I know. I can compare the balancing made in Battleborn to Evolve.

Example - Kraken had a high skill cap to begin with. He was a flying monster who took advantage while being in the air and weak on the ground. His lightning strike was powerful, and on a decently long cooldown. His vortex ability pushed back and damaged enemy hunters. His primary attack “snowballs” were a good way to harass the enemy from afar. His banshee mines could be placed strategically to mess with the hunters during combat, or to line an escape route. What did they do to him eventually? Made his lightning strike cover more ground, it dealt more damage, it had a shorter cooldown. Banshee mines dealt more damage and tracked hunters faster. They were also harder to destroy. They increased his movement speed and increased the damage of his melee hits, making him more effective on the ground. So, what do we have? A monster with hardly any disadvantages. I could easily discuss wraith from beginning to end product but that’s a whole other paragraph. It felt disgusting to play as Kraken after all the buffs, he became the perfect pub stomper. Before, you actually needed skill to play him. The collective sigh on voice chat when you saw a “pro” monster player had chosen Kraken…

Look at Benedict, arguably one of the Battleborn who seems to be performing a little “too” well. they nerfed Galilea and Ambra into the ground by the end of it but they are still effective. Then you have Alani, who they also nerfed hard, but still has many uses. She no longer has the killing potential she originally had, but is that a good thing for a combat healer? I’m not sure. Then you have characters like Kelvin and Attikus who don’t seem to get picked as often, and then there’s El Dragon :sweat:. Because the cast in Battleborn is so large and diverse, it is difficult to balance them all so that it feels “fair”. The main issue with balancing, is that they seem to favour PvP performance over PVE. It’s been stated before but PvP balance changes affect PVE performance (apparently?).

I really don’t know what to make of it all, but from my perspective, bad balancing can cause a game to fall…slowly. Stack on top all the other issues it may face.

Tl;dr - look at the way the developer handles their balancing. How do they interact with the community, do they listen? do the changes they bring benefit the game as a whole? Evolve is a prime example. I don’t want Battleborn to follow that route of course.


Benedict is a character that looks completely odd though according to there data I assume. Literally 20 percent of the benedicts I see can keep there head above water and only half those ones carry

Gali is still fine. Nerfed into ground is a bit of a harsh term for her. Alani is also still relatively fine. Only her bubble needs a bit of a tweak. Still incredibly viable in most comps I would say. Ambra was hit too hard fer sho but arguably she is a little too strong atm. Dragon is in the worst spot in the game since any character at launch. I would say we are a few tweaks away from being balanced

And I will still say the unpopular thought I have: if it’s up in pvp it’s up in pve. If it’s balanced in pvp it’s balanced in pve

Considering they pushed a buy-to-play + Microtransactions system for Battleborn that lead to its partial demise, this is an incredibly s*****y thing to say publicly.


Excellent point. Take Two and 2K at the very least played a part in what they call a disappointment

The only thing disappointing about Battleborn is the piss poor marketing and the notion that Battleborn could compete with the marketing powerhouse blizzard. Battleborn should have stayed in beta until overwatch faded a bit so Battleborn could steal some of overwatches dissatisfied players, instead they went toe to toe with blizzard and lost spectacularly.



I hope they give a couple of white/blue lootpacks and remove the character selection locked unless pve" tutorial" complete. (We should get a PvP tutorial too)


Auto-correct got me once and when I see it, it haunts me. Thanks for posting my comment @dantesolar :smiley:

Look, I don’t know the terms of the contract between Gearbox and 2K for Battleborn but I’d like to think I can connect the dots. I see a developer who loves their game and their fans beyond all possible description. I see a publishing executive attempting to pass the buck on a game’s less-than-desired market performance by loosely attributing it to it not being developed by a 2K-owned studio. A “lack of oversight” is not the reason Battleborn struggled and I will not address the series of unfortunate events that contributed to where we all stand today because that’s been discussed ad nauseum.

This is how I see it. We love Battleborn and for what it’s worth, try to take comfort knowing there’s another universe out there where Battleborn has twenty million players across three platforms, a bustling competitive scene, and it’s the game everyone can’t stop talking about. In that universe, the internet lost its damn mind when Alani, Pendles, Ernest, Kid Ultra, and Beatrix were revealed. In that universe, gamers said “Oh, that game has a grandma who shoots medicine bullets? Yeah that’s cool… BUT IS HER ARM A LITERAL SYRINGE?! Yeah, I didn’t think so.”


Side note: The Parallel Universe Theory is kinda comforting, in a way.


Hey, thx for your hard work, for everyone in the studio giving it all for your players.

With all this -50% sales i always thought, huh idk if i rly want it :confused: i have battleborn i could spend some plata instead. Love your games and i want more awesome skins and modes and battleborns ofc

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I always found it funny OW was the supposedly better game with less characters and when people see any one of about half the roster on their team it’s met with a collective sigh and “oh great, we have to carry X character again”. torb, junkrat, sym (till the rework, maybe even then). widow, mercy, bastion, and pharah just off the top of my head are considered “not viable” by the majority of the playerbase and most pro players/teams.

whereas in battleborn you can take just about any character and be viable, and if you have some sort of disadvantage, you can build them at least 5 different ways what with the helix and gear, to come out ahead.


27/28 el dragón dosent seem viable at all

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I absolutely love battleborn, for me its a superior game, its very sad to see what happened to it. Even gearbox admits this, in the toby raid trailer, the last line is “Even though you’re dead, I still believe in you”. :frowning:

This is not an indie game. I paid $75 pre order. To hear to hear it compares favorably when compared to failed indie games does not inspire confidence in the success of Battleborn.

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