Take-Two sends private investigators to a Borderlands YouTuber's house in an attempt to intimidate him

DISCLAIMER : Gearbox has nothing to do with what happened to SupMatto, please do not hold them responsible. This is all 2K and Take-Two’s handiwork.

TL;DW : SupMatto is a Borderlands YouTuber known for his theories and informative videos about Borderlands 3. He was releasing a lot of videos about public leaked information, like the Twitch app leak for instance. For some reason, publishers 2K and Take-Two did NOT enjoy this. 2K falsely flagged SupMatto’s videos which could’ve threatened his entire YouTube channel, and Take-Two sent private investigators to his house, probably in an attempt to intimidate him.

My opinion : What I don’t understand with this is that SupMatto has done nothing wrong. He’s just a Borderlands fan that made videos about PUBLIC INFORMATION, basically just compiling it and providing it to people. And they tried intimitating him for it. You don’t send people to trespass on someone’s property with his wife and kids inside, ESPECIALLY if it’s a fan and he’s basically doing you a favor by hyping up the game’s release. THIS IS SOME SUPER MESSED UP BEHAVIOR.

I have 2000 hours on Borderlands 2, I’ve spent a lot of time and energy making challenge runs and Time Trials on this game … but this right here is the drop of water that made the vase overflow. I am just going to pass on Borderlands 3 altogether. The least I can do is vote with my wallet and refuse to give my money to disgusting greedy publishers with absolutely horrible and asinine behavior.


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