Takedown and Handsome Jackpot Questions

Can u play takedown or handsome jackpot without completing regular storyline

Jackpot yes, Takedown no.

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The Takedown is only available once you’ve beaten the story, AND once you’ve hit level 50 on the character you wanna run through it with. The Handsome Jackpot is available as soon as you unlock Sanctuary!

Takedown is scaled to minimum level 50, but you don’t need to be at that level to play it.

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I’m fairly confident that unless you’re lvl 50 you can’t personally access the Takedown through matchmaking. It looks like if you’re invited to a level 50 game, then you’d be able to play through the Takedown at a lower level!

You should be able to travel to Takedown as soon as you’ve unlocked the mission by completing the main story. You’d just potentially be rather under-levelled and under-geared.

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Just an update on this, because I finally had a chance to check it for myself.

In your own game, you can access Maliwan Takedown as soon as you’ve completed the main story mission, although it will be level 50 (interesting taking on the ratch as a level 44 Zane, I must say!)

Matchmaking is different though - locked until your character is at least level 50 (presumably so you don’t randomly join someone else’s game at a very low level and basically be a dead weight)


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