Takedown at Guardian Breach: my thoughts

I’m writing this after my very first approach to the raid, so it’s gonna be simple impressions and not a guide of any kind.
I’ve just completed the new raid solo, on M10 with Fade Away Fl4k. I was really worried it would be impossible, but I found it to be manageable with my setup and did it wiping only twice: once at the second trio of crystals and once when I got hit by a first boss’ explosion while in mid air, falling out of the map.
My setup consists of pearl and cutpurse launchpad as artifacts, bounty hunter with weapon damage as com, stop gap with corrosive ase, hunter seeker with shock damage.
Weapons are a reflux with fire damage ase, monarch with 100% damage ase, opq 300/90(now it’s like having an unanointed one…) and a sandhawk 100% damage ase.

Enemies are tanky, a little bit too much for being trash mobs, but they go down in a few seconds when reflux chains in a good way. Sometimes it feels they become resistant to damage when low on health, especially the melee ones… I focus on them and they simply refuse to die at 20/25% health.

The pillars are a nightmare. A semi-consistent strategy is to go for the central one, Fade away and let the pet distract them as much as possible. Keep the enemies out and bombard them with the reflux and it should charge quickly before the others explode. Then go for another one, charge until enemies come and go for the third one. Try to charge it but if the mobs become too many run for the other and so on. 90% of the times it takes a long time but, slowly, they will charge.
I hope they change the pillars mechanics for solo players, it’s never funny to play king of the hill solo in games… Maybe let them charge at a reduced speed with enemies inside or simply reduce the density/respawn rate/health of mobs.

First boss is fairly easy. Shoot reflux from middle range to avoid 99% of reflected pellets and the chains will drop his health in little time with mobs around him.
When he charges the bubble jump to a platform, turn around and go near the jump pad and as soon as the boss’ bubble explodes. You’ll have plenty of time to do so even if there is an explosion about to occur on your platform (it will be greatly delayed) and you’ll land back on the main platform, with more space and cover, every time.

Jumping puzzles have a special place in hell. Nothing else to say. I’m baffled they even put them in the game. They need to be removed…

Last boss is pretty simple, shoot him with reflux when near mobs, when he goes invincible and spawns expoding mobs lead them near him and let them explode and damage him. He will eventually teleport you in two arenas while he recovers health. Never managed to avoid him regaining all health but the newly regained bar won’t cause immunity phases so…

Concerning modifiers, I took holy crit, slayer to regain some health and shield in a pinch (careful with radiation, the bug where you get damaged by your own explosion is back with this modifier…), mob mentality and most importantly laser fare. This last modifier saved me plenty of times giving me easy ffyl targets and stuff to shoot directly to and let my Reflux bounce around.

All things considered the raid is doable but for my gameplay tastes and needs it takes WAY too much time to complete it. It took me one hour and a half to do it and it’s basically my whole time budget for the day for one run. I know it will become quicker with new gear, strategies and possibly nerfs to enemies, but imho 15/20 minutes is the perfect time for a takedown. More than that and it’s not worth farming.