Takedown at Maliwan Crashes

Me, playing solo and me playing with my GF co-op have consistently got to the valkyrie and got the boss to about a third of its health.

Each time we have done this the game crashes and/or we fall through the map.

Has anyone else experienced this. It ultimately means we cannot finish it and have to keep starting it from the beginning. There should be checkpoints. It wouldnt change the difficulty, would just make it more accessible given the constant crashes.


Yea I’ve experienced this every time. I’m playing on PS4 and the crashes have happened on my fl4k and amara.

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I’ve got to the Valkyrie squad boss fight and huge input lag started to happen and made it almost impossible to play well.

I fell to my death but I guessed I only fell off a ledge in my back I didn’t saw, but your fell through the map thing make me question this.

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Yep same issue here. The first time my internet connection just to timed out right after we beat the Valkyrie (my connection was fine to my PS4). Twice after that my game crashed about the same time as everyone else, maybe 2/3 of the way through. I might give it another go but I haven’t even been able to get through the fight and on to Wotan yet. I was very excited to jump into this but now I’m just bummed.

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On PS4 local coop BL errors out during Valkyrie … every freaking time (at least 10 now). I did beat that section once and got a legendary drop and as I was making my way over to see what it was the game crashed on me…FML

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I haven’t gotten there yet. I can’t even get past the ratches. Everything is level 51 and 52. I’m capped at level 50 with all epic and legendary gear, but I can’t even kill a ratch… WTF?

When I play anything higher than mayhem I, the Valkyrie fight consistently lags and crashes, there is a huge lag during the fight and the crash occurs after Valkyries defeat while I am looting the area! :rage: It might be related to me using Cutsman smg intensively along with phaselock with Amara, I play this solo and it’s like that lol What it would be like with 4 players?

game crashes for me at Valkyrie fight when playing with people 9 out of 10 times.
when solo, 1/3rd of the time it crashes.
if its because there is too much going on and the ps4 cant handle it or whatever, how about lose the adds or atleast dump half of them.
seriously fix this. because i cant farm the EM-P4 like this and im not playing the story over and over just to kill pain and teller

3 of us playing on mayem 3, game has crashed 3 times now when we’ve taken about half of Valkyrie’s health down. We even switched the group owner last night after the first time it occurred and it happened again. So frustrating :cry:

The particle effects are just too much. Even on my beastly PC, when playing The Takedown it crashes 1 out of every 10 runs. There are just too many particle effects and too many enemies and the game isn’t optimized for it. Gearbox needs to implement a way to turn down particle effects.

Remember, you have to have a good build using gear that synergises with your skill tree. Having epics and legendaries doesn’t make your character good. A good build does.

Me and hubby are constantly crashing, then having to restart the whole area!! On ps4 and CERY FRUSTRATED. Looks like we wont be completing this side mission until they can fix the LAGGING AND CRASHING. ^^#,^#

Yup! It sucks because the légendaires are exclusive to that boss which means PS4 players can’t get those items because they are using an old method of making player play certainly things to get certain loot. Called a Loot Wall. But it’s a wall we can’t pass because of the crash. ■■■■ bugs is ruining this game.

What does having a good build have to do with the game crashing?

Just crashed for the 3rd time on ps4 and was looking for answers and found this thread. So disappointing.

Same here, Jason. Ps4 crashed on my first time playing this mission. Was on first boss and it crashed just after he went immune. Guess I’ll wait for some patches and try again.

Almost everytime I die playing matchmaking or co-op it’s on the bridge before Wotan because I lag for a second or two then I’m halfway through ffyl or I guess thrown off sometimes idk.

Add my voice to a disappointing stability in Maliwan Takedown running on PC. I have crashed at the front door, at the first Valkyries, and then with the appearance of Wotan… all to be pushed back to the beginning with the save file I entered with. It is happening about 30-40% of the attempts. There is no other part of the game that is creating this type of crash.

Glad they fixed it.

This game shouldn’t be this hard. It’s takes all the fun out of it. You shouldn’t have to have some super build with super legendary weapons just to take down Wotan!