Takedown at the Guardian Breach and Mayhem 2.0's phase 1 update


Tweet from earlier today.

Looks like a chorus line. Guardian Breach: The Musical, coming to a stage near you!


It’s about f*cking time…

Lol, a musical takedown where all the enemies are singing would be kinda fantastic.

Patch notes?

Not anywhere I’ve seen. Most likely see them tomorrow.

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Hold on… Mayhem 2.0’s phase 1 update?? Mayhem 2.0 has been nothing but trouble since launch and after about 1 1/2 months we are getting a fraction of a fix it desperately needs?

So what’s beeing left out of this ‘phase’? Amara crashing the game? Poor loot drop rates? No scaled loot (specially on DLC’s) and mission rewards? The bullet-sponging borefest the game has turned into?

And when is the second ‘phase’ update coming? August? Will Gearbox still trying to fix Mayhem by the time DLC4 drops in?

I’m not even asking these questions as a fan anymore, my entusiasm has declined following weeks and weeks of hotfixes that improved on nothing substancial in the game. I’m asking these questions now as a paying customer, who fully supported the game by pre-ordering months before launch. Where is the game I was enjoying for the first 7 months of beeing released?

Check the DEV update thread. Phase 2 will be coming with the DLC on June 25th.

You need to wait 16h.