Takedown Capable M4 Iron Bear Build |Valkyrie Moze

There isn’t too much to say about the build that can’t be answered better here:

Coming from Zane and Fl4k, most of my knowledge about Moze came from word of mouth, particularly her abysmal survivability. Fortunately, she has a giant robot that is very difficult to kill.


You’re in the Zane section buddy. @VaultHunter101 can you move this to the Moze subsection?

I DMed him immediately after. Had a draft of a Zane thread and I guess deleting the body of that didn’t change the forum.

DUDE, THIS ■■■■ IS HILARIOUS! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Thanks for the laugh. Love the Eva music.


Thank you sooo much for doing this because it means I don’t have to do it now. :grin:

Moze was the next VH on my todo because of all the claims of how bad and unplayable she was and how useless IB still was in M4 even after the update. It’s the same kind of ignorant nonsense/:poop: ppl used to spout about Zane and the impossibility of M4 and the raid.

My hat is off to you sir. Thank you for being an authentic gamer and rising to the challenge that BL3 presents and wrecking face with your giant f*cking robot! :grin:


Moze-ied on over to the correct section!

Edit: there is takedown footage. I guess I was hoping to see Wotan die with this build.


Did you watch it? Half the video is takedown footage.

I came here and said it few weeks back. I’m love me ol mech and that build is my staple.

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I’d like to see what gear was used as well. All you mention was a Mind Sweeper com.
I’d be very interested to see how the Wotan fight went. I have a few builds that can handle most M4 content fine, but that is typically on another level.

I didn’t show the gear because most of it is irrelevant. As stated in the video: build splash damage, and max hp in every slot possible. Even if you use different items, the build should function similarly if you do this.

All of the guns didn’t matter at all, since I don’t think any of the damage anointments (besides element ASE) apply to Iron Bear’s damage and even then that would require me hopping out of IB which is useless for piloting it.

I used:
Mendel’s Multivitamin Shield (quest reward, literally anyone can get/farm it)
Blast Master com with Splash Damage, Grenade Damage, and Max Health (Moze’s most common mod, Raging Bear/Minesweeper also work)
Cloning Maddening Tracker with 20% chance to spawn grenade on damage anoint (Moze’s most common grenade)
Last Stand Victory Rush artifact with AoE damage, max health, and grenade damage


Something that boggles me: no problems of ib cooldown? Every time I tried to run IB centric builds I had those


I’ll see how this goes on PS4. One issue I have with IB is that the shield will wait up to 20 seconds to deploy, or not deploy at all on PS4.

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The security bear shield is really just a bonus.

With an Iron Bear with ~130k HP and vampyr you will find it very difficult to kill.

I had action skill CDR on my class mod, but I didn’t have it on my relic. With only 3/5 in Grizzled I had around 8-10s of CD after getting out of IB. It’d probably be even easier if you sacrificed some damage for Grizzled/Explosive Punctuation.

Yes, but did you use IB to kill Wotan? If so, why not show it in the video?


Can this build complete takedown solo? Aka kill Wotan.


No offense but this is every Moze build now. Cloning Tracker + Best Master + Ion Cannon/Scourge/Kybs worth.

The video was awesome though


It is starting to look like Mozes are getting a meta from those weapons, even if they use ghast call they’re still shredding with kyb’s worth and an ion cannon.

Yeah, honestly i’m getting burned out playing Moze because there just isn’t alot of other options for the highest levels of play.

You can change an annointment here or there but at the end of the day it’s all pretty much the same build

Raging Bear should give a larger increase in damage IMO so that a true mech build would be more viable.


Mind posting a video of a full m4 takedown run?

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