Takedown Capable M4 Iron Bear Build |Valkyrie Moze

Zane was but who’s calling Moze useless and unplayable? The common theme is that Iron Bear centric Moze has improved but still isn’t good enough and lacks compared to Infantry Moze and that Moze in general lacks in comparison to other VH’s. This is the argument I see, and I happen to agree with it. The other common points being that MOD is bugged and randomly breaks thus being unreliable (Vampyr her only heal depends on this), and that Moze lacks sustain options (Vampyr really being the only viable choice).

There never was an argument saying she couldn’t that I knew of. It certainly wasn’t why I shared my personal accomplishment of beating Wotan. I wouldn’t call it wrecking face by any stretch either, more like barely managing to do it.

I see a heavily edited video of clips and cooldowns that don’t make sense even after the discussion in this topic. We dropped it here but some of us discussed it further in DM and it still doesn’t match up. Though again I’ve never argued that Moze is completely un-capable and neither has really anyone else that I see. The argument is that she isn’t up to par and it’s in my agreement, 27 minutes to reach Valk’s(played by a highly skilled player) is hardly comparable to any other VH.

That’s the thing and the reason I commented. I see people say stuff like what I explained above then I see people argue against it and say the person said it was useless when it’s not what they said at all. It’s a pretty common theme here and happened to me several times now. Pretty tired of seeing it, can’t talk about how Iron Bear still needs improvements and Moze in general without people jumping in going “It’s not useless let me prove it” when that’s not what was being said in the first place.

I’m quite baffled of who you are talking about and why they are so relevant considering I rarely if ever see people say IB is useless or Moze cant do Takedown on M4(here).

Maybe you are seeing this outside of the Moze section could be plenty plausible since I have been ignoring non-class non-video sections for a while now.


I’ve got an extra CMT if you want one on PC. Farming for Ogres I repeatedly check Tiny Tina’s vending machines and they seem to have the largest selections of epics. My quest for an anointed one continues.

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How’s that been going for you? I had to stop trying, my drop rate of Ogres was awful.

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Thanks for the offer.

It’s funny after reading this I went and tried Tina’s vending machine and got one within 5 fricken minutes. You have no idea how many hours and probably thousands of relogs I’ve spent at various machines trying to get one before this.

Just started trying again with the supposed increase in anointed chance and out of 10 of the Alpha’s dedicated drops 2 anointed with only 1 Ogre. Doesn’t look promising. Billie the Anointed can drop all the dedicated at the same time. Should be the same for all. Transformer crap up next.

The game saw you had a non game way to get one so it gave up the goods. RNG the cruel mistress.

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10 farms and 1 ogre? Better than what I was doing before, I’d go about 50+ and get a non anointed ogre if I was lucky. And about 2 million Lincs.

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I just did about 50 runs and got 4 Ogres, 2 were anointed and about 2 million Lincs.


My luck so far

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He was gonna drop a Linc anyway :

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That was painful to watch/skip through. This is why IB is not enjoyable.

Speak for yourself. I find Iron Bear way more fun than any other Moze build, but it’s obviously going to go slow if you’re using the wrong element 100% of the time against things that are 4x stronger than normal.


But would you want to play the whole game like that? Moze is one of the main characters, IB is an Action Skill. Have you played Titan Fall? I think that series would be a bit more fun if you want to control a Mech.

Yes, I absolutely ONLY use Iron Bear outside of Takedown and that’s the beauty of it. I do not like Moze as a playstyle and don’t see a reason to play her run and gun build with 0 survivability and less damage than both Zane and Fl4k. I do have a reason to play her with Iron Bear because its way more survivable, does more consistent damage, and offers me a completely unique playstyle instead of using the same gear on a weaker character.

Its damage type is not ideal for Takedown, but it is definitely her safest build for doing it and capable of doing so. If Iron Bear’s shock/corrosive weapons were any good the playstyle would be much better in genreal, but it does way more than enough damage to do any regularly 1P scaled M4 content.

Well as of the new scaling, IB build skates through M4 Takedown ezmode and fast. I killed Wotan(using only IB’s weapons) on first attempt no downs in about 11 minutes with a halfass build and the wrong gear since I just had hopped in for a test. I think you could build to use EB and swap to Sabot for Wotans armor and make it pretty efficient atm.

Explosive Bullets actually shreds his shield so you just need the Sabot for armor.

Something like this:

Actually this would need to use Vanquisher/Sabot. More variation would have to be done for EB relying on Blast Master to get Vampyr.

Actually probably take 3 of the Grizzled out for Deadlines maybe, or some of the Vampyr if your COM satisfies that.

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It’s what Im doing and have been doing with my Moze.

I know Iron Bear is decent, even at endgame. I’ve been running an Iron Bear build exclusively for a long time now.

I’m just a little wary of this bit…

This was my point exactly. I forego a few points in Grizzled and Exp. Punct. I’m 4/0 respectively but run cooldown everywhere else and the I’m at 27 seconds.

When I do take 5/5 Griz & 5/5 EP along with the same cooldown on mod, relic, GR and topped off I’m still only at 23 seconds (I don’t run CD on shield tho).

I’m pretty thorough on my testing and we’ll experienced with the build.

I am just wondering:

A: How do you get your cooldown so low without Respec bug?

B: Maybe I misread something so I was wondering how you survive during AS downtime?

This is not true. Vanquisher rockets keep me up at M4 SS/Raid/etc with only 2 in Vampyr and Transformer w 75% shield/health.

In fact, I prefer Vanquishers damage over Exp. Bullets.

Vanquisher work fine in Takedown. In fact, I prefer them over Exp. Bullets bc the burst damage and reload is superior.

Yeah I like them both for different reasons. EB is better for using more range it has a sweet spot for crits and works well for Auto Bear because it aims them well. Vanquisher has burst and you want to use them up close to get the crits and they sustain better damage wise because of the reload like you mention. Both compare quite close in overall DPS I would say.

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Same. You can easily kill both of Wotan’s phases with just Iron Bear now.

I mean, if I wanted to record a kill shrug.

If anything, this reinforces the fact that I said Iron Bear can do anything in 1P scaling M4.