Takedown challenge

I saw that Moxsy was giving away prizes for the fastest run for each Vault hunter, and fastest overall. Also for most unique build. The restrictions in what is allowed make it very interesting for Moze. I tried my best, but I never could quite finish off Wotan with my setup. I know there’s far better players than I on this board. BTW the Quickie rocket launcher and ANY purple tracker grenade are not allowed either.

Cool, I just saw that after posting, but didn’t see the rules listed.
I wonder how that 11:50 run was getting IB back so quickly? I need to watch the end and see the build.

Because they are enter/exiting right away and have Topped Off + 5/5 Grizzled + 5/5 Explosive Punctuation.

I’ll never see gear like that on PS4, especially that Protuberance and Bloodletter. I’m jealous.

Where is the 11:50 run? I’m curious to see it

I may give this a try, craps makes pretty easy work of the bosses. Also execute wasn’t on the list so who needs a Lyuda?

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I made it to right before Wotan split with a Bangarang build. But that’s when it gets hard cuz when I need to switch to the Hangin Chadd to regen ammo, I’m too vulnerable if I get downed. Up until then I don’t even get downed.

Have you tried bringing a nukem just to get out of FFYL?

Might not be a bad idea.

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Its the middle clip. As far as I can tell, he had saved a lot of time with a really clean encounter up to the Kraken and then again on the bridge before Wotan.