Takedown difficulty tone down

Hi Everyone,

Yes I play solo and yes I have problem beating the takedowns.
My question is: The game has a general difficulty setting in the options menu. If I choose the easy mode there, will it make the takedown easier as well?



As far as I know, the easy difficulty means you take less damage from enemies.

With what exactly you have problems? Depending on the VH you may want to change your build/equipment. Are you playing on Mayhem? Takedowns aren’t hard on normal difficulty right now with all new stuff, interactions etc.

I have tried it with Moze and Zane. Without mayhem. Both of the characters are maxed out level wise.
I’m not that good in the game I guess.

The “exact” problem I have is that I die at the end. The big robot (Totally forgot the name, wotan maybe?)

W/O Mayhem you could still use a Cutsman(shock/corr/cryo) if they are still viable?

Most guns will rock there. I remember using Brainstormer on Amara back at 50 and it just deleted Wotan.

Ampee, what gear do you have right now? Do you have DLCs?

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Yea, cutsman should be viable on m0.

Neither Zane nor Moze should have any difficulty with the Maliwan takedown. You may want to browse the character sections in the forums here for some build ideas. Having a better understanding of how the skills and mechanics work together will help.


I have all the DLCs.

As for gear, I will let you know tomorrow. (Its a bit late here)
Cutsman? thats a weapon i guess, right?

Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

Once you learn the phases that wotan has he is easier. I had a mental block for ages and kept dying. I got some great advice from more knowledgeable people on this forum. Perhaps post in the relevant sub forum for the character you are playing.

You may also want to try asking for some co-op help in the sub forum relevant to your platform. I’m certain you will find someone to help you through.

Best of luck.

Check Youtube for ideas. I bet once you get those builds or similar, Normal Takedown will be too easy for you. I mean Maliwan Takedown. I don’t think you can make less difficult/annoying the platforming and charging stuff on the other TD

My advice for you is a bit especific when it comes to gear/skills, but have you tried a Lucky 7 from DLC1 with a ‘critical masher’ roll coupled with Redistribution or Forge for Moze? As long as you don’t empty your magazine faster than it can fill up you won’t lose your roll on FFYL or by entering Iron Bear (bonus points if it can also roll with corrosive element or a corrosive ASE anointment). For me that little pistol is the most powerful gun in the game for Moze under the right conditions.

The mailwan raid is pretty easy all thing considered once you know roughly what you’re doing, the only thing I’d say needs a bit if a change is the guardian health scaling, which might be just a little too high still

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first i can solo with my eyes closed…

second makes me want to strangle somebody… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: not because it’s hard… because it’s a piece of ■■■■!

Sorry for my late reply. I was able to complete it with the toned down difficulty.

Easier means you take less damage. I Don’t know many people WITHOUT that because of how weird the setting is…

Drops don’t change at all and it’s personal

That being said you can’t do Guardian most likely because of build and gear.

I can run M10 True just by abusing my Clone with a Incendiary Sandhawk (then electric) and my Gargoyle pistol. I keep a cutpurse to renew ammo

What are you running ?

Did it with FL4K, but I cant really remember the gear names. Most of them were legendary.

Damn I don’t use Fl4k. Can get a buddy to send his build though. He is viable.

Zane is your best bet because of the clone and how it distracts the plates

I dont think it is hard with the right build and gear; However, I wish they had guard rails around everything. The cause of all my deaths are from walking off cliff accidents.


IMHO Guardian takedown itself isn’t hard, but the length of the takedown AND the platforming are what make it difficult/frustrating. With the right build, the crystal room fights and bosses are easy, but you can still die to some BS like getting hit off a platform or missing a jump because your character didn’t want to vault.


Exactly that

Exactly my frustration. My VHs can melt any M10 mobs and bosses including solo true takedown. However my platforming skills and patience are only good in normal mode (sarcasm).