Takedown FL4K Pet fix

For the love of all that is good and holy, PLEASE FIX FL4K’s MELEE-CENTRIC PETS from literally committing suicide on the final boss of the Takedown! It renders the pet and anything related to him skill-wise completely useless when all it does is run straight to the boss and get one shot every single time. It’s unbelievably frustrating.


EDIT: The monkey also kills himself instantly. Great AI.

There should be a call option so he can fight beside you and not run off on a suicide mission for sure, I have never heard any mention of this been looked at or trying to get resolved though

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Use the spider. If it dies that’s on you. The monkey is just suicidal


The monkeys (or at least Gunslinger and the base Jabber) stay away from Wotan at least. Spiderants are melee, first thing they’ll do is run right into his shield and die. Unless you have Gamma Burst active 24/7, they’ll die almost immediately.

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I don’t recall any barrels in the boss arena. Jokes aside the jabber is your best bet for your pet to make it past the first phase unless you gammaburst.

If you use the Fade Away taunt augment, the gunslinger runs right under him to immediate death.