Takedown Shakedown Event Live Now

Guns, Love, and Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright & Hammerlock launches this Thursday, March 26, bringing the all-new ice world of Xylourgos along with creepy curses and crazed occultists. But we know that, due to current world events, a lot of you are stuck at home and looking for something fun to do in the here and now. We wanted to do our part to bring a bit of extra entertainment to you and the entire Borderlands community, so we’re starting a new event as of today: Takedown Shakedown, focusing on the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite.

This event starts today, March 24, via a hotfix and will conclude via another hotfix on Thursday, April 2nd at 8:59 AM PT. During the Takedown Shakedown, the mini-boss and end boss encounters in the Maliwan Blacksite will have boosted drop chances for items from their dedicated loot pool. If you just recently jumped into Borderlands 3 following its Steam launch, please note that you’ll need to finish Borderlands 3’s main story campaign before you can unlock the mission granting access to the endgame challenge of Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite. Takedowns scale in difficulty depending on your party size, but are intended for max-level characters with powerful gear. If you’re looking to really test your endgame abilities, you should step up to the True Takedown Mode with a full party of four Vault Hunters.

We’ll be rolling out a series of similar mini-events in the coming weeks. Community feedback is hugely important to us, so please let us know what you think of the Takedown Shakedown. And don’t forget the big April events we have planned: Mayhem 2.0 and the next seasonal event, Revenge of the Cartels, both of which are detailed in The Borderlands Show Episode 6. There’s lots to look forward to, so be safe and stay strong!


The event is amazing but it kind of feels like how the Takedown drops should be anyways. Well somewhere halfway between what they were and what they are with the event would make it feel rewarding (the event is a little much for all the time). But previously, the loot has felt very un-rewarding when doing Takedowns.

Thank you for extending it though, makes a lot more sense now and will help get a jump on the level increase immensely.


This. What we’re getting from Wotan and Valkyries feels more appropriate to a raid than the paltry junk that dropped previously.

Love this event and hope increased designated drops from Takedown will be made permanent.


Oh good - I thought that was terminated with the last event. I’m down for a visit.

You guys, Gearbox says they listen to the community. Maybe it’ll happen, maybe this can be the permanent drop chance. :wink:

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Hopefully the patch coming soon here in few days addresses the XBox 1 X crashing when trying to play online so I could enjoy this mini event.

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Today was the first time I tried takedown on m4. I was too afraid of wasting my time before. Upon completion, I got 2 redistributors and 2 kybs. Neither has the right anointment, but seeing so many drops makes me want to do it again. Guess I’m spoiled since I don’t know what it’s like normally, but today’s run felt very rewarding and worth my time and effort.

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Great job on the takedown event . It’s nice to see a mix of actual raid gear opposed to woodblockers and disappointment.

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I really hope yall trim the fat on anointments or bring them all to a relative equal level. Its such a bummer to have gone through the level cap and barely farmed a good amount of gear for it to all be redone again.
Some ideas on fixing them:

  • ASE would be During action skill and for time after (would make these usable for Zane and GB Flak)
  • Combine all while airborne into one anoint and bump the percentage to 40
  • Bump the clone swap anoint to 150 - 200 (phaseslam has a little longer cooldown and is 300)
    Im sure there are other ideas out there but I mostly play Zane and a little Flak
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I’m fine with the cloneswap being at 130% because you can keep the action skill up all the time and just keep doing it…the duration of 6 seconds or whatever it is, is too short. It should be at least 10 seconds because you waste (or at least I do) a full second just realizing which direction you need to be facing before shooting.


I just did the takedown and I got these from Wotan. A Tiggs Boom, Moonfire, Redistributor, O.M, and a Vosk Death Grip…first time I ever got one of those and it’s 100% SNTNL Cryo.


Just passed the Valkyries for the first time after this hot fix and got three 0.m shields.
One with an Iron Bear anoint, which I won’t be using, and the others un-anointed, so interesting but not overwhelming.


:rofl: increased loot event right before a level cap increase. Sounds familiar.


Good way to waste your time on gear that will be useless soon.

That explains the loot luck I just had… ^^ Gonna do some extended farming tomorrow after hitting 57. We’re getting there Gearbox :wink:

I just played a couple of runthroughs on M3 and I don’t see anything different so far.

In fact the drops seemes worse than normal.

Maybe bad luck?

The event continues into April…

Hi mods, whenever I try to play online matchmaking, I always get disconnected after loading the map. The message says “Connection has been lost. Please check your network”. I have 20mbps and 11ms ping currently atm and playing on asia server. Is there something that I can do in order to be able to play online with randoms? Thnks.

It needs something to remain competitive with 100% cryo at the moment even when I rune clone there is no point in running it.

But more than that I would love if they trimmed down the number of total anointments or combined some together knowing that most people run damage anoints or life steal the others are mostly pointless.

May want to make sure the hotfix has been applied. The news item box at the bottom left on the main menu will change to say the Takedown Shakedown is active, and the second one shows the hotfix date at 3/24/20.

I ran this 4 times on M4 last night and got a couple raging bears, a spiritual driver, handful of Kyb’s and redistributors. Saw some tankman’s shield, 0.m’s, tiggs boom, and some others I wasn’t too interested in.

Probably a tad more generous than it should be outside of this event, but certainly closer to what I’d expect from a raid lootsplosion. All together good stuff. Can’t wait to powerlevel tomorrow and upgrade my raid gear.

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