Takedown Shakedown is irrelevant for Mac players. Disappointing

First of all, I am glad that us few Mac users at least got told that DLC2 is delayed for us, and we even get a scheduled release date. This is one big improvement over DLC1.

Unfortunately, without the hotfix us Mac people cannot level to 57, and as soon as we probably can, April 2nd, the event ends. So, effectively, we are missing out on the opportunity to get good gear from the raid. It is not the end of the world, there will be plenty of other opportunities to get loot, but it still feels bad not being able to play with one’s friends the week the new content is available.

well, that’s a pity

if it makes you feel any better there are new weapons in dlc2 that will make even true takedown irrelevant, difficulty-wise

Is there any way to revert the patch? I’m on PC and my co-op partner is on Mac. We were planning to play all weekend but now it looks like we can’t play at all until April 2nd. Bummer.