Takedown Thoughts?

My Review


  • Difficult and challenging new features
  • Amazing bosses
  • Unique environment


  • Extremely low legendary loot drop rates (if this takedown is going to take twice as long if not longer than the maliwan takedown, I want to feel rewarded for killing bosses as well as normal mob enemies)
  • Way to much mobbing
  • Slow crystal charge up times and the little to no time you have before one of them blows up
  • I haven’t used them all but most of the new legendary weapons seem either below average or average at best

Definitely has the potential to be one of the best borderlands raids of all time, there’s just a ton of kinks that need to be worked out before I can consider it fun to play.


#1 issue.

Rewards are garbage world drops.

Do it once for the accomplishment.
Then never play this game again till dlc3.


The first time I killed the mini-boss on M1 I got 3 Lightspeed grenades & and Aesclepius shield.

RNG gonna RNG

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I totally agree w/Puppy this takedown blows puppy ballz. I shot thru it twice and recieved 2 new RL’s and a grenade in PThru 1. 2nd time not one new Legendary. Everything just got a mild upgrade in power but still suk compared 2 the Maliwan Takedown. Also the save areas dont work or maybe i missed sumthin on their video so wont be any farming anytime soon. Please dont waste our time with some jerri-attrik BS add on.


Charge time on the first set of 3 crystals is way too long and enemies spawn too fast.

That part alone took me more than the entire rest of the raid and I was playing M1 with M10 gear to learn the mechanics.

I’d stand in a crystal’s charge zone and kill the entire screen with Plaguebearer shots (Moze SftR build; also tried Scourge) but before I could blink at least 6 more Guardians would spawn seemingly inside the crystal square.

I received at least 17 pieces of Torgue mail on this one part because so many Guardians spawned so fast that the ratio of time spent clearing a crystal zone to time it was actually charging was just obscenely low.

The respawn rate is just stupid. This isn’t an issue of sponginess because it was M1 (scaled!) with M10 gear.

Without that one part, which is extremely broken and has an “are you kidding me this is stupid and repetitive” feel, the raid would be absolutely A+ content.

I like both boss fights a lot and the final boss in particular is really well-designed.

But for the love of god slow down the enemy spawn rate at the crystal puzzles.


Couldn’t agree more

I want to legitimately know if anyone at Gearbox has finished this from end to end on mayhem 10. I can’t fathom anyone doing this and thinking it was fine. Another example of CLEARLY untested/unplayed content released into the wild.



This puzzle’s a LOT easier in co-op. Having a Gamma Flak with Red Fang In the party makes the crystal puzzles especially fast. Fl4k stands in one place and sends the Burst somewhere in LoS that’s far enough so Guardians attacking pet don’t accidentally jump into crystal zone. Shoot them with high FR or high pellet count weapon to proc Head Count; any kills will also proc Eager to Impress.

Other player(s) just do what they can to keep the other crystals from completely draining.

this puzzle is more about drawing aggro away from the crystals than it is about killing stuff; that’s easiest for Fl4k to accomplish.

Still very annoying in single player because the other crystals drain fast enough that you can’t just go one-by-one.

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  • Enemies are too tanky in solo mode, it’s near impossible not to run out of ammo. That makes the mobbing more tedious than it should be and doesn’t go well with a mechanic of the final boss.

  • Too much environmental danger for a mode where dying means an instant fail and my lose you up to half an hour of progress. There’s annoying platforming and melee enemies that can knock you around a fair bit which is brutal in a 0 grav environment.

I just feel like there need to be more checkpoints and more ammo vendors spread across the map.


I agree with this sentiment.

Checkpoints w/vendors immediately after the two big crystal puzzles would make this much more bearable.

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My feelings summed up:


The whole patch was :rofl:


I think they knew how bad it was. What I hope they are still trying to figure out is where those values need to be for the Takedown to be fun.

What’ll probably happen is that they’ll wait for their telemetry to tell them how many people are completing the Takedown in both modes and see if they need to adjust accordingly. They did a decent job of this with the Maliwan Takedown. I hope they continue with this for the Guardian Takedown.

Takedown is A+
Personally I don’t think they need to lower enemy health even by a lot. I’ve been able to solo scaled takedown with no cutpurse or launcher spam on Zane, and I’ve been able to carry 3 players in true takedown (all of them dead). I do still agree that it should be slightly lowered, but not by as much as people are making it out to be.

Yes you need god roll gear. This is MAYHEM 10 Takedown. I genuinely think Gearbox doesn’t intend for the majority of people to play on M10. Of course there are problems with that, like the fact that loot drops scale with mayhem, meaning if you aren’t on M10 you won’t get M10 drops. And there are some major issues with the system and forcing players up the ladder.

Besides that, I’m sure the takedown could be fine tuned a bit. But overall I think a lot of stuff is better than people are making it out to be. The maliwan takedown took me 3 days to beat and my first wotan kill was 23 minutes. Currently I can do the entire maliwan takedown in 5 minutes and kill wotan in 30 seconds. It takes time, reoptimization of builds, and learning mechanics to be able to do the most difficult content in the game.


The biggest problem with the Takedown.

One possible solution.

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That is the biggest issue with everything honestly. They stated this patch was bringing up mods/grenades/shield/weapons just under performing gear. Instead they nerf 3 or 4 and buff 6? I think the takedown is fine even if they didn’t tweak it. But for peedsakes if you literally say gear is being balanced this patch then do it or set a roadmap for it. I bet no one beat it using a cold warrior mod,… (challenge there if you want it Thicc) :wink:

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lolol I would love if they fix zanes old mods and bad skill trees. see my post about it xD. And yah challenge runs in this takedown would be something fierce.

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God tier rolls gear on exact pieces of gear using very specific builds. If you have all of this stuff… then you can do the takedown on M10. Awesome… so why even have loot in Takedown M10. You already have the perfectly built Vault hunter.

Also, where is the build variety, the choice in weapons… Everyone using the same builds, with the same guns, and playstyle… How boring. Might as well publish how to play and beat the game.

If this is the pinnacle of content… GBx has an epic boatload of work to do to bring the playability, variability and user allowed creativity back into this game. (which I think we already knew)


I don’t understand why requiring top tier gear to beat the hardest difficulty in the game is even a valid complaint. Besides gearbox has already confirmed they’re going to lower the enemy health anyway. All I’m saying is it is very doable, and you can’t use the same build you were using two days ago. On top of that you can just go back to the maliwan takedown right now and fight through it easily.


The right gear drop, the right gear parts, the right annoint, the right element. With RNG in this game… some of us don’t have that kind of time to play that much to get the gear to be “allowed” to play the new content.

Also if you aren’t ready to play M10 yet… Gear drop RNG gets worse at lower mayhems… And if you aren’t at m6 then some of the best gear is unavailable to you… Also some top Gear isn’t even available anymore with the cartel gone.

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