Takedown Update Political Derailment Thread

Here is my problem
GB wants to stand with BLM

But fails to address the every day black on black crime

How black single mothers have more abortions than any other race

How every day women and children are violated and killed in Africa

If you want to show your support for BLM do it every day and not when an outrage mob arises.

Yes police brutally is a growing problem in the black community but there are a multitude of problems that go ignored every single day


are you trying to qualify racism? because it sounds like it
people are also standing up against sexism and violence against women, although men are beating up each other, way more often
because one problem doesn’t make an other problem less problematic


It seems clear (to me anyway) that the United States has domestic enemies and they’ve used the murder of Mr. Floyd as the starting gun for a long planned attack on the American economy. The home of American communism, the DNC, has nothing else to fall back to. Hatred, destruction, violence. They hope it will destroy Donald Trump but I think they are sadly mistaken.

And this game! Grrr. I’m afraid gearbox may have promised more than they can deliver.


Lotta people in here suddenly questioning politics because it impacts a video game they play.

Kinda revealing.

I do hope we get a technical patch to resolve some issues, otherwise Gearbox will be in another no-win position later today.

However, I’m also sympathetic to anything that raises the ongoing protests and the pain they’re enduring in standing up for minority rights. Could companies be being performative? Absolutely. But the biggest issue with things like these is distance. Not feeling connected to these events.

Being reminded of them can be uncomfortable. It can lead us to think about things we don’t normally think about when playing video games. And that’s good. Because I don’t think there’s enough consideration for these ongoing protests, and the death at the hands of police that set it off.

Of course, anybody that calls the Democrats “communist” should probably be ignored :smiley: But I do hope that people here take this chance to understand why this has become such an international affair. It’s not because it’s not important. Even brands only focus on something when it becomes a “safe” thing to do. Folks who don’t understand, folks who try to paint the victim as a criminal (without even talking about the police) . . . maybe think on why this has gotten as big as it is. There’s no conspiracy. There are people taking advantage of the protests, but that shouldn’t be used to invalidate the protestors peacefully demonstrating.

It’s just a lot of people caring for the latest example in a long line of deaths that shouldn’t have happened to minorities in the US (and around the world).


I read some comments here about floyd which kind of saddend me.

A white guy shot up a black church and killed a bunch of people in the recent years. They calmed him down treated him nicely and brought him burger king. No force used against him.

Im only partially white, i remember growing up with ppl acting like even if im fast in sports smart. Ppl would be like ur ok for a guessed racial slur. It was both comedic n stabs in the heart. But tbh im treated better by police than white ppl.

A white kid was arrested and died yesterday being facedown couldnt breathe.

Still at the end of the day a black woman shot in the air to scare off an abuser. And she gets near life sentence in florida. A white man in texas kills a prostitute running from his house cuz she stole money with an ak 47 ending her life. No charges

Black lives matter. Because everyone else gets treated 1000x better than they do. If u survive past the police everyone gets fairer treatment.
I know theres a goal to brand em as any felony and they minimize it to them. Its so their voting rights are taken away.

Theres been confirmed cases of white supremacist looting to blame it all on assorted colors. Its literally twitter facebook and web planned. How genius.

What was that comedy spit from the Onion i saw awhile ago right before all this.
White woman to be tried as black male… Jump to family press skit part. “This is America no one should be tried as a blackman!”


Really… I can understand infinity ward delaying modern warfare updates which were meant to be released earlier this week. The game is set in the real world and deals with police/military issues. Borderlands is a bloody space opera. Unless the new content due to be released touches on themes of racism or police brutality this is unjustified in my opinion.

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Does every company really need to feel like a knight in shining armor these days? I didn’t purchase a product for it to be busted and in some cases unplayable whilst watching the company make political statements that have nothing to do with them and continuing to allow their game to be broken in critical ways. There is a time, a place, and a way for everything and this wasn’t it. I and so many others are incredibly frustrated with how this game, its problems, and content are being handled.


No I actually agree 100% with the guy who called the DNC communists, and completely ignore people who take your view.

Try taking 10 minutes and checking out actual crime statistics then come back to me and tell me where this “systematic oppression” is.

Fyi leading cause of death of black males 18-44 is other black males , it you truly do care about black lives.

It’s good to be informed and educated


Im also sending an email to my boss today - Due to global warming, COVID and the recent events, all my deadlines are now set to TBD


I consider myself informed and educated. I’d prefer a PM on stuff like this as I could quite easily write a long reply that derails the thread.

Certainly, you have no idea what a communist is, or does :smile: No pressure on the PM, but I won’t be derailing this thread further.


I fundamentally disagree with the myth that “everyone gets treated 10000x times better than black do” . Therein lies the problem: this bizarre self victimizing mentality

I can give you an entire list of privelages a black person legitmslly has over a white person. Things that a white person literally can not do while a black person can

I’m not white or black but I’d rather take a bullet to the head than be white in today’s America tbh


I dont really have any interest in providing you with facts or statistics that show how more white people are killed by cops each year than blacks , or that the leading cause of death of black males ages 18-44 is other black males , or that on any average year blacks commit more violent crimes against white (including ■■■■ , assault , murder) at 10x the rates whites do against black (or 25x the rate when you adjust for population ), or that blacks make up 13% of the population yet commit more than 50% of violent crimes , or that if blacks uses welfare as much another races we would actually end up with a net POSITIVE lifetime contribution for welfare services , or if you removed gun violentlce committed by blacks we would have a 2% rare per 1m , same rate as Switzerland , list goes on and on and on and on…

Know why i have no interest in PMing you ? Because you’ll just gloss all over that , declare moral superiority , give some vague and impossible to prove response like "blacks are treated much worse so there " and ultimately declare victory and block me.

So no I’d rather do this here in public . Also Gearbox made this the topic, we came here to take about a videgame but GBX wants us to talk politics, so let’s talk politics


Hate to tell you this, but Flyod held a gun to pregnant woman while his friends robbed her… so yeah… the protestors are standing up to violence against women by glorifying a guy with a history of violence against women.

Can the Left get any more demented ? (Not you specifically btw)


i think it doesnt do much to the situation
noone gets killed
men are abusing and…children and are released
people are doing much worse sh1t and get away
its not the job of the police to murder defenseless people, no matter what they did


Police brutality against blacks is not a growing problem, it’s an atrocious relic that America should have adressed and abandoned decades ago. But as the historically interested may know, during race segregation it was nothing one talked about. It’s not more violent now, but smartphone cameras make it more visible.

What the OP is depicting as the problems of a race: abortions, violence etc., aren’t colour problems. Those are poverty problems. Take a guess, folks, which income classes are most likely to commit crimes or become victims of violence.

Seriously? It would be fabulous if people read up on a matter before repeating Limbaugh rhethoric without reflection. Oh well…

Indeed. I would recommend trying it sometime, because this:

doesn’t strike me as a constructive stance for a discussion.

Than the right, you mean? Nah, don’t think so.


Since this appears an open ‘political’ thread, this is direct from the Black Lives Matter website.


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I love how you just throw passive aggressive insults without actually debating it. Ok I’ll bite.

I’ve proved a ton or crime and violence and police statistics (i.e reality) that 100% contradict each and every one of your statements. Want to take a stab at them ? Because the way I see it I’m pretty informed and educated while others just use vague feelings and emotions that have no support by hard facts

Ps : more whites are killed by police each year than blacks. Sometimes twice as much


The irony of all this is if there was no police black communities will suffer the most since they have the highest crime rate.

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Man I can go on and on and on and on… literally every since argument the demented Left makes is easily and 100% refuted by hard facts and statistics


This is interesting for a few reasons.

You don’t want to provide facts, you just want to keep on providing uncited claims that people then have to mentally weigh against claims anyone else is making. This doesn’t make for good discussion, it just turns it into “who reads more persuasively”.

You make random assumptions about my behaviour personally, I’m not sure what relevance it has to actually debating the claims made, in a PM or here on the forum.

And you state a preference for doing this (whatever this turns out to be) in public because . . . well, I don’t know because what. I just find it funny that you assume I’ll treat you so negatively in the same thread you then criticise other posters for being “passive aggressive” in. C’mon, take a step back. If you truly believe your points are back by fact and evidence, let’s go at them. Not at each other. The mods kindly split this thread, I’d rather give a chance to prove things instead of just fall for the attitude.

You have made a bunch of claims. They don’t mean anything by themselves. It’s a very common tactic I’ve seen used online a lot - just make a bunch of random claims and let any people who want to argue do the work to disprove them. I want to believe you have evidence for these, that you have done research (however much I might have found something that disagrees), which is why I ask.

To that end, here are a couple of pieces that you and the thread might find worth in reading:

The latter is UK-based, but highlights something I wanted to talk about about your claimed statistics. By just claiming X% of black people are killed compared to Y% of white people (or other non-white minorities), you don’t do the necessary work of relating that to overall population demographics. The BBC article does - taking at first what looks like a disproportionate amount of white deaths - and relating it to the overall population demographic, which ends up reflecting that by population, more black people die compared to white people - even if white deaths count for a higher number overall.

You also don’t analyse, in the areas where crime committed by minorities is more common, why that is. It could be because of economic factors, of deprivation rooted originally in slavery or more recent (not that slavery, historically, is that far in the past) legal discriminations against black people (and other minorities). You just claim that because black people commit more violence, this means “something” (bad for black people, I guess. I don’t want to assume).

Finally, this is all contextual to a black man that was killed by the police. This has nothing to do with statistics, or any other claim you’ve made. Everything you’ve said could be true, and the police officer would still be wrong for killing George Floyd. Regardless of Floyd’s past. Nobody made the argument that Floyd is innocent. The argument made is that the police officer killed him, and that’s murder. Second degree, as per the current charges levelled against said officer.