#TakedownChallenge Moze runs

First two have been posted:

Very usually. A grenade only build using Zeitsev’s Eruption cancelling to debuff enemies.

Mixed Westergun/Bear pilot build

Doesn’t the rules include not using any exploits such as “Zeitsev’s Eruption cancelling”?

Don’t know. It’s certainly not at the level of extra projectile glitching.

True, I believe it’s on the leaderboard as the current best time so I guess it was allowed.

Here is my submission: 16m 8s


Man, you beat me to the Scourge run :frowning_face:. That Wotan kill is miles quicker than anything else I’ve seen. Congrats on the run.


More Moze runs:

Best time is currently 11:50.

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Do you think he had a macro going for the constant Eruption canceling? Even if he did…I LOVED it!..so unique…

I have watched all of these and absolutely LOVE the creativity and different approaches, gear Mixes and builds.

I mean the guy with the Westerguns…ANYONE can get that equipment…fairly easily. Especially now with the event.

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I have come to the conclusion after watching these…

Moze is not weak…

I am just…bad… :grinning:

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New best time, using the same Joltzdude build as the previous guy:

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that was a really good run. It looks like a good bloodletter + green/blue trees is better than a blastmaster + green/blue trees for splash moze build. You don’t have to worry about reloading, and you still maintain roughly the same damage as a blastmaster (assuming you can get +3 DM, 25% weapon damage, and 28% splash damage)

Well it’s actually picture perfect gear. You aren’t going to get damage like that with a normal com +Heavy +Splash +Weapon DMG on the same com I’ve never even seen it, I would almost say it’s likely loaded in tbh. And +3 DM on top of it, lol good luck matching this damage that’s all I’m going to say. The rest of it is perfect gear as well. When you are a normal person with normal rolls, Blast Master is going to be better :slight_smile:

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1000% agree. There’s almost no way those rolls are legit. But still, it does seem like it’s basically:

GOD ROLL Blood Letter > Blast Master > everything else

At least for a splash build.

What do folks think about this skill layout for a Best Master pilot build for the Takedown? I recently picked up a class mod with 4 points into Vampyr, an annexed Ogre with 125% incendiary damage anoint, and a Redline with 100% damage anoint.

Honestly i feel youd get more out of click click than combining trl+dm (40% of 33% is only 13%)+ autobear is nice for the small amount of agro it can provide; or if your trying to apply it to bear -FitSD could work too. though its only my opinion

He’s taking the points in DM to give IB a little more oomph. I don’t think click click does anything for the bear. Fire in the skag den might be a good option too if using rocket pods.

You could go 4/5 in Armored Infantry and use the extra point somewhere else. Maybe another point in Desperate Measures or Auto Bear

This might be the start of some actual Time Trials for BL3.

Game needs it…


Creates interest and excitement, competition, creativity and increases the overall knowledge base drastically.

And totally non toxic compared to your normal PvP stuff.

Ya, you’re not gonna ever find that bloodletter most likely. But I still think the “God Roll” Blast Master might still be more damage. He’s got 75% from DM+1hp and weapon, 31 heavy, then 28 splash.

Blast Master could be 25 weapon, 31 heavy, and 128 splash. BUT you can’t reload, so you’d have to play much more carefully.

Oops forgot about 2 on Phalanx Doctrine. That’s 4% weapon per stack. So 7 stacks gets him 103 weapon. But that’s also ignoring PTHP crits on your grenade and the benefit of vampyr and health gating for Blast Master. Real world scenerio, I still think Blast Master might be better for most everyone.

That being said, beautiful run. Especially the protuberance self heal to IB exit directly into the lift to shoot over wotan’s shield.


Has anyone gotten a decent time with a BM/SoR build that’s not based around splash damage?

The only idea I’ve played with thus far is a bullet multiplication build where you stack elemental damage anointments and use the Carrier or one of the Call weapons. Works okay for mobbing, but the Scourge still works best on all of the bosses because their crit spots are so hard to hit.

This is an Amara run, but the method for taking down Wotan was interesting — you can change the elemental damage type of the meteors generated by the Shooting Star shield:

Theoretically, a corrosive stone white elephant would have the same effect with Moze and I would bet that the meteors are effected by the Blast Master…