#TakedownChallenge Zane runs

I finished this run without a single shield healing with Handsome Jack Hammer, though not to be written into the rules. The shield recovery with it felt like doing so with TEDIORE.

Nice run.

@Handsome_Dad remember how I was saying Duc is really good on Zane?

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Nice run! I’ve almost got mine under 10 minutes before I submit it !

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Under 10. Amazing!

There are brilliant builds better than mines. Nukem FL4k, Speed Sliding Zane, both were out of my idea. I aimed FL4k, Zane, Moze. But now I think I won’t win a title. Damn I could buy a new car! I’d better give up the challenge and playing game for 2 weeks. Otherwise I could have gotten nothing out of trying to do something I couldn’t do.

Awesome run, you were also using executor which is impressive.

Do you have a Duc with 60/70 annoint? I have both a sntl one and a barrier one and Im not sure what is better.

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Unfortunately I have only SNTL DUC. And I think both are good.But 60/70 can be better than SNTL if you aim better.

Sorry I’m so late to reply. Haven’t checked in for a bit.

This was definitely a strong showcase for the Duc. No question. If I recall correctly, my comments were actually that a Craps can be better, which this actually reinforces. He’s using a Duc with sntnl cryo anointment, and that same anointment on a radiation or shock Craps turns that gun into one of the best in the game for Zane. Put it on sticky, go crazy.

The OP did comment that he thinks that 60/70 on the Duc might be better than cryo, which might swing things, but… a Craps absolutely tears up everything in the takedown, even on 4 player scaling.

Difficulty is way too inconsistent. Every day is completely different. I ran TVHM on M4 yesterday. Today I can’t even get to through M2. I wish they would just stop messing with game!

Yesterday I plowed through with the Redistributer. Today I can’t even take down a Spec Ops Stealth Commando 2 levels down from M4 to M2.

Nothing has changed from yesterday to today.

If it was the same, my weapons would do the same damage and it’s not even close to yesterday. Like I said… I had to go down to M2 from M4 and it’s still harder than M4 yesterday. Can’t even get past Katagawa’s Reach today on M2 when it was easier yesterday on M4.

For instance, 1 hit from a Desthspere through Zane’s dome shield took all my shields down and put my in FFYL. And Spec Ops Stealth Commando isn’t affected by Zane’s shield at all. Totally different from yesterday and 2 levels lower.

Nothing changed in the games code from yesterday to today. The problem lies within.

What were the modifiers? I found when I’m getting clobbered it’s usually something to do with them.

If nothing’s changed, then why would the modifiers change? I even scaled it down to no Mayhem at all and Wotan is hitting me through my dome shield.
SpecOps Stealth Commando can go right through my dome shield without being stunned or shocked at all. A Valkyrie can’t even get in my dome shield without being stunned. Kracken missiles also go right through my dome shield. SpecOps Hackhound is Immune to Shock and radiation after shield is down, but incendiary weapon works on it’s yellow bar? Badass SpecOps Commando with full shields took 1 hit from my Ion Cannon last night. Now I takes 2 shots with his shield down? If they’re constantly changing the modifiers, then I’m done with this game. It takes all the fun out of it!

Maybe go back to main menu and check if the hotfix was applied.

I hate how Wotan’s rockets and grenades go right through Zane’s dome shield. What’s the point of having the shield if it doesn’t work?

Even the death balls take my shield and health down to nothing with one hit.

And after all that, not one legendary drop at all! What’s the point of even playing?

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