Takedowns: Adding an eridium switch to skip to bosses (suggestion)

This was originally a post I created on reddit, so far people were positive about the suggestion so I thought it might be worth posting over here too. Don’t often post over here on the official forums so if this is under the wrong section mods feel free to move it. On with the post:

I am sure the idea to have an eridium switch at the entrance to takedowns to skip to bosses has already been suggested but here is my spin on it and mainly, how to balance it.

To begin with, each takedown could have two switches (the first costing a minimal amount of eridium as it would be a minimal skip, the second costing more as it would be a longer skip), using the maliwan takedown as an example, this would be a switch to skip to the valkyries fight and a switch to skip to the wotan fight. Both of these switches would be locked until the following prerequisites are met:

  • To unlock the first switch - Players need to complete the normal takedown
  • To unlock the second switch - Players would need to complete the takedown on true takedown mode

The skips would only work in the mayhem mode the takedown is completed in, if a player completed the normal takedown on mayhem 1, the first switch would remain locked in mayhem 2 and so on.

I suggest this because adding an eridium switch to the takedown without any locks would allow players to skip the takedown without ever experiencing the whole thing (or learning/gearing to overcome it in the first place). This way players can unlock QoL shortcuts as they complete the takedown and its harder variant, with a skip to the final boss as an incentive to complete the true takedown.

Best of both worlds? Thoughts and suggestions welcome.


Sounds really good. Doing Takedown on certain Mayhem unlocks the skips in lower difficulties too?

yup that would be the idea :slight_smile:

Love this idea.

I’m probably ok with this if we can have something similar with weapon upgrades and leveling when it comes to Eridium. Otherwise, we’re just being selective on what’s convenient on some people but not on others.

Yup, rerolling (anoints etc.)/weapon upgrades would be great for an eridium sink too. Takedowns could even have a unique currency, earned by completing them that could be used on skips like this, there are many different ways to go about balancing it, does not need to be eridium, just the easiest example.

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