Takedowns Are Not For Me

Never been able to pass it. Cannot platform jump to save my life and cannot avoid the radiation bubbles. I wish I could find a way to deactivate the mission. I hate constantly seeing the open mission on my screen. I’ve never been able to complete it and never will. Too hard.

In the case of the Crystal sections yeah, but it’s honestly still not that great of a group mode considering that if one player dies (with the possibility of getting knocked off a ledge or a hiccup when jumping) they would have to wait and spectate until whichever half of the Takedown is taken care of rather than just sections of it. Or until the rest of your teammates die, at which they would start all over.

It’s less frustrating and time consuming to go solo and not with a group.

Agreed on the platforms, but there’s just the possibility of having to start all over because it. Even if it’s a mere mistake. That’s not so much as challenging as it is tedious.

I can agree with you on the awesome boss fights, but as for the Takedown in general being fun? That’s what we call “different strokes”.

Well that I totally ok. I never did Ancient Dragon as Axton on bl2 despite him being my main. I am a good axton but I never really got the nerves to keep focus during the battle, and I can’t blame neither me or Gbox for that.

It’s simple, when I play I try to have fun, I have nothing to demonstrate to anyone right? If GTD is difficult for you that totally ok but don’t lose hope. If you improve your build, dps, gameplay, whatever, you might be able to do it. Perseverance is the key. I died 10 times before I managed to beat TGTD first crystal phase but the satisfaction was great when I succeeded :slight_smile:

I liked that i was challenging… But then i kept getting reset on the crystal thing or died because my foot hit a stray rock during a jump and faceplanted the platform i should land on :rofl:

Maliwan takedown i got bumped of the bridge and i laughed. Guardian takedown first time i failed the jump i just ragequit :joy:

And seeing there’s not really any incentive to finish (let alone farm) it… I just gave up on it

I think it would be better received if it didn’t reset when you fail a jump or at the crystal stage

I just can’t figure out how to avoid the radiation bubble from anathema. It either kills me or I fall off the platform.

It’s not that hard… Have you watched some kill on YT?

yep, and I still can’t do it. just one of those things. I always get turned around and just screw up. If there were checkpoints maybe I’d try again, but it just takes too long to keep starting over.

I do it like this : damage him until the immunity starts. Then jump on one of the Platforms ( doesn’t matter which one, its basically all the same) and wait for the big bubble at the center to explode. As soon as I see it exploding I take the jump back to the central arena, rinse and repeat.

You just need a bit of timing because the central bubble explodes sooner than all of the side ones and you have just a few seconds to jump back on the central platform, but I assure you once you get the hang of it, this boss battle is just so easy


Right… I legit don’t understand the people hating on the “platforming”, I mean many of the jumps have launch pads which jump for you. There’s what, like 3 non jump pad jumps which you need to make?

Also for people struggling to climb stuff, just enable the ‘mantle with forward’ option in the game settings, that should help.

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That part can sometimes go wrong :sweat_smile:

It should be that you don’t have to do anything, the launchpad throws you where you need to be but sometimes i hit something and you miss the platform :joy:

It’s anoying because it’s something you can’t do anything about and it means starting over because of RNGezus :wink:

I don’t hate platforming, I just ‘dislike’ it, especially in Borderlands. It distracts me from my preferred game flow, and in this case, it seems, is really punishing you for missing jumps. And it looks like you can’t avoid it, if you want to progress.

Climbing puzzles are not my favorites either - I’m perfectly happy with mostly flat maps with a bunch of enemies to shoot. Same with driving missions.

Basically, there are other games that are focused on platforming, parkour, or driving.


It’s the same for me. I play Borderlands games for the shooting and the looting. I’m generally not a fan of puzzle elements outside of puzzle games, or platforming elements outside of platformers. I actually enjoy 2D platforming games, but falling to death in BL is pretty frustrating for me somehow. Jumping puzzles or challenges always break the flow for me.

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Personally I think Scorge and Anathema are two really fun and unique bosses and I love fighting them

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I think Anathema is a cool design but having between 50-60,000 immune phases really sucks

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This would’ve been fine if BL3 had movement as a meaningful part of its gameplay like TPS. The amount of control you have in that game lends itself well to platforming sections at least. BL3 has the movement of a pure modern shooter through and through.

I love platformers, but BL3 shouldn’t be making players reset a takedown for failing at something that isn’t part of normal gameplay.


Personally always thought the takedowns were a dumb design decision considering that it’s a game where you’re expected to die a few times or more to tough bosses. The raid bosses of past Borderlands games never had that sort of gimmick, and in actual MMOs they let you permanently clear or skip the “trash” so you ca focus on learning and fighting the bosses.

The radiation burst in the middle arena will always explode first, which gives you roughly a 3 second window to jump back down. So you wanna start the immune phase, jump uptop, immediately run to the next jump pad, wait till it explodes (or a split second before, but that requires time and practice) then jump back down. Rinse and repeat 12 times till hes dead.

You should never spend more time than needed on the upper platforms, tbh. Dont even try to kill the guardians up there, just jump up and back down again.

I don’t know if that’s the case with modern MMO, but if you cleared the mobs and then took to long to kill a boss or wiped too many times, enemies would start respawning after a while. One of our WoW raid runs back in the day ended badly because of this.