Takeing ridiculous amouts of xp to rank up for hie level gardien rank

i think the change they did for the -tokens bug whus a bad change cus it takes rediclus amouts of time and xp to rank up i have to farm a boss over and over just to get 1 level up i am rank 365 and so its takeing me forever just to get one new level and token this is realy tedious and to mutch work to get one rank and filling the xp bar up all the way and not geting a rank up and have to farm boses and crycial of slaghter and side mishons just for one rank up i dont have the time to do all this and im playing on mayhem 3 and still not enof xp to get one rank up after this - tokens fix befor the - tokens bug whus fixed or happend i got a rank up every time i filled the xp bar and now needing to fill it multible times just for one rank is realy ridiculous i like to see it changed back to the way it whus befor the - tokens bug happend and get a rank up when i fill up the bar then i will be happy to play boderlands 3 again and feel like my time is well spent cus with the cruent system for the gardien rank and xp system is not good and destorying my fun ranking my gardien rank up and my tokens up to get my stats up cus it made things esyer to farm for things and kill enmies and made my time feel well spent now it feels boring with having to do so mutch work for one rank up pleas 2k chnage the way the xp system and gadien rank is its realy ridiculous right now my brother is in the 100 range and is havng a hard time geting rank ups and tokens now tow


i see some offline farmers with 3k guardian rank already.

yhea but i mean i dont have the time for that and plus i shodlent have to play offline to just rank up my gardien rank this is ■■■■■■■■ on gerboxes end then need to change this whare when i fill up i can rank up with oute needing to fill it 100 times or so to rank up

that is the way it is, if you want high rank, you need to grind it out.


yhea i nhow and its just kinda discreged me frome whunting to play the game now they have been making changes that just made the game less fun

Don’t worry about guardian rank.Its not as important as in previous games.

yhea i kinda started noticing that boderlands 3 isnt bad but boderlands 2 did soem things way better

Well considering Badass ranks ruins the game in a nutshell there.I would not call it better.More forgiving.
Press Q to play the game Smile

You say you don’t have time yet you are 365 ranks already. People in here are so hardcore.

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well how i got thare whus when befor the - tokens thing happend and offline gave super charged amouts of xp bfor the fixed the bug

In other words, you exploited the bug to rank up crazy, they fixed, and you want it more. I heard there are cheat engines help grinding like that if you want.

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You heard right.But thats the pleb way.And usually leads to nowhere.Exploiting however is a flaw in the game itself.No cheats or software to cheat is needed to exploit a certain mechanic.It is generally acceptable and most of the times makes things faster.

I was under the impression that Guardian rank XP didn’t scale like normal XP. It honestly would make more sense that way, but I guess it does scale. I’m rank 116 (should be 130 something based on how many tokens I actually spent but it’s offset due to the bug) and I’m finding that I still earn Guardian rank at a reasonable rate. Though I guess once you get like 300 something it might be really noticeable.

yhea the hier you get the longer it takes to rank up to whare its a veary slow rate

Bro… Ur rank 365 on guardian tokens… Cmon… It should take long to level up… You’re above like 60% or more of the community

…your complaints are ridiculous. Stop trying to break the game in its first 30 days. It is not meant to give you a rank every second, or even every day. Especially once you get that high.

This also goes to the people in other posts complaining about drop rates.

The game is not meant to be grinded in a week.

I am not sure if this is so, but yeah the game changed, and now those that did not fill there Guardian rank are sort of sub standard to the ones that did. (This assuming they did not remove the rank retroactively from the ones that bumped it out B 4 the Patch.)

I know I was booming right along on it until the patch, now it is almost dormant… un moving and I feel it will never get filled.

I don’t think it was a bug before. I think they stealth increased guardian rank exp requirements via hotfix. If you got disconnected from the hotfix, that’s how you were suddenly much higher rank and could spend the points. Once the hotfix was reapplied, you were suddenly negative points.

That’s my theory from my butt anyway. I was able to complete two columns fairly easily but it has definitely slowed down on the third column.

Biggest game changer to strive for IMO was Topped off. The amount of action skill timer boost that gives is insane. Starting a Moze after having that skill was a huge difference.

Umm, good?

It should take some time.

My rank is 320 and I’ve put in some time

Cant imagine a 3k guardian rank. After some point it’s kinda useless. I have 40 unspent tokens and each one gives me .1%

Not worried about using them.

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