Takes from the Eridian Slab glitchy

is there anyway to fix tales from eridian slab glitch? all ready try with the symbol on Tanni’s room but instead of translate appears Inspect
image image image

I have the same problem, although I’m on 36/30, and the trophy hasn’t popped for me either. I have the same issue with the side quests where I’ve looked them all up online to try and see what I’m missing and I’m not missing any, yet the trophy hasn’t unlocked for me. I’m hoping a patch comes out that fixes it cos it’s very annoying.

I am having the same thing I am all done with it and I want this trophy to get get now

When u have 35 go to tannis and spam the button to read this more time on the eridian slab. I must read the slab 5 time too get the trophy and my platin on the ps4. :slight_smile:
(Ps. in my opinion has works with 34 eridian slabs)

I have done that but is said that I can inspect is so I can transfers for it so I have 34/30 so

I am still wait for the update for this trophy as it is still not working so would like to here about it soon cheers

Heya. You only have 10/11 for Pandora, so its not the bug, you are actually missing one there.
Get the last one on Pandora, then go to sanctuary and click the slab (save quit and try click it again if it doesnt work)