Taking a cue from Derch's vids about Axton re:Jack in TPS

I primarily play Axton in BL2, as I am not a long timw FPS player. I come from platformers and 3D fighters from the 2000s, after which I stopped gaming for years.

Anyway, Axton & Gaige were my 1st two characters per a friends suggestion. As a result I played Roland and Wilhelm too. Neither of the latter two’s skill trees wow me.

Well all the recent Axton vids and critiques avout an OP skill got me thinking of the most logical way to give Axton such a skill, and it seemed so obvious after Derch mentioned Doppelganger Jack being a turret class done right:

If the Phalanx shield was changed to You have my shield aka Sharing is caring, that would potentially make Axton one of the most useful characters at any level given you choose a shield with offensive properties. It may just be too OP ? I would love it.

With Gemini you & or Double-up any amp shield would go from impact you gun to potentially 5. Turrets with novanor spike shields would be nearly as useful as AOE grenades.

If that had been patched in, or if classic vault hunters return in the next game, this would be a fun, and canonical step forward (since Gaige & Axton are part of the team of Vault Hunters and the sharing of knowledge & tech would make sense).

Just my thinking. If I were bold enough to do some coding, I would be compelled to try ansld switch the code for the phalanx skill to activatw sharing is caring on axton to see how it goes.


I would prefer another shield slot for Deathtrap/turret.


I don’t think that would work so well.

If you give the turrets amp, it would never be active because they’re always getting shot at. If you give them spikes or novas, they’ll only go off once. Absord and tediore shields would do nothing, leaving turtle and adaptive shields as the only viable choices.

It works for Jack because his clones’ damage scale like crazy, and they move with you. For stationary turrets it would be near useless.

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Boom: That depends on turret placement and enemy type. I typically use high ceiling placement with longbow and maglock so this would increase the duration and viability of the shield. The turret has a life meter so an equivalent shield bar with regen seems just as viable.

I did note this would make the most sense with offensive shields, but with defensive shields it would help the turrets survivability. I neglected that.

Since the turrets draw aggro, nova an spike shields would be the equivalent of the Nuke with the option of elemental variation for matching enemy types. That would be slightly redundant as far as skill tree options, but useful for distracting enemies ans applying status effects. Since the Nuke is arguably under-powered this would be a complimentary skill. Otherwise buff the Nuke.

If Turrets had an absorb shield that returned ammo to Axton that would be VERY useful. maylay shields have little to offer, but we’re talking about Axton so that is appropriate.

In the end this skill enhancement would only be as useful as the implementation.

Two turrets placed appropriately based on offensive strategy, with Antagonist, Impaler, Flame of the Firehawk, a Sham, Big Boom Booster, or Bee Shield for starters, have a myriad of useful applications as short term or full extended use proxy/ surrogate vault hunters in your party.

Battlefront itself would be buffed so much because of the potential survivability increase of the turret as well as it becoming a source of ammo regen via absorb shields.

Traj: that would work for me, it would be closer to how relics worked in BL1 in that regard. Given the coding for the skill exists with Gaige as is, anfld in TPS with Doppelganger, and the propensity for repurposing of game content, I chose an option that fit the pattern of the developers and benefitted/ potentially resolved a debated issue with Axton.

You could make a case for Zer0 having the same perk as part of deception, but Zer0 has B0re and Critical Ascension, he doesn’t need this. Axton is viable regardless, but this would make his action skill a lot more forgiving at higher levels.

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