Taking down The Wendigo

Playing as Amara at level 72 on PC and just about to start the trek through The Cankerwood. At the end of this mission I will meet the Wendigo, but which weapon elements does it have resistance to? I recall from earlier battles it is resistant to incendiary weapons. Some posts say it is also resistant to corrosive weapons, whilst others say it resists radiation. Based on all of this is it right to say only cryo and non-elemental weapons will be of any use? Thanks

I actually think corrosive is the best. I play mostly as Zane with the clone. I give him a corrosive sand hawk and I use a corrosive monarch and take the Wendigo down really easily at MH 11. I usually can kill him before he ever starts those annoying jumps across the fighting area.

I took it down with Zane using mostly cryo and explosive iirc.

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all you need is basic knowledge of the game

  1. what health type is wendigo coded as flesh armor shield or mix

  2. what does he resist

  3. use what does most damage to said health type that is not resisted

according to these simple steps one answer that is absolutely incorrect is corrosive elemental type.

as to actually answering the question i have a better idea for op than just an answer. why do not you try different elements and see if the word resist appears? what kind of time saving are you trying to achieve here?

I mean or google it, but
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It’s a decent advice, but one problem I typically run into is that at any given time I could be dealing many types of damage through anointments, skills, and what not. Resist will show up even if that was not my ‘main’ element, so sometimes it’s hard to figure out true immunities.

The question wasn’t what was best, but whether only cryo/non elemental will be of any use. The answer to that question is no. Your reply may lead to the fastest/easiest kill but it not the only approach. As I said, I use corrosive only and have no problem taking him down. Therefore, corrosive is a correct answer to the question. Corrosive may not be best for every character/build but for me playing as Zane with the clone, corrosive shreds the Wendigo.

The Wendigo is resistant to fire despite having a red health bar only, so that already renders your first point moot. As the answer to your #2 is fire, the answer to the original question is everything else.

If you search you tube you can find videos of people fighting him and saying corrosive is the best to use against him. Again, may not be the best for each character/build but saying corrosive doesn’t work is 100% incorrect.

And so there’s no mistake, I’m not suggesting corrosive is best b/c some you tubers say it is–but the videos provide visual evidence corrosive works just fine against the wendigo.

Corrosive and cryo works fine on him ye

I remember one time the Wendigo got stuck head butting an obstruction on the ground.
It took ages and ages to kill presumably because it’s vulnerable spot wasn’t exposed and perhaps it got stuck in a higher resistance stage.

The Troubleshooter SMG will detect element the enemy is weakest against and switch to that element automatically. Shooting at Wendigo it turned to Radiation.

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