Taking forever to get a match

What is going on with pc. Taking forever to find a match?

For some(many will say many) PC players matchmaking times seem to be quiet long, thats a rather often discussed matter here - There are countless vivid topics where this problem is discussed.
Here two you could visit & join the discussion

borderlands 2 playing around 3000 people
css playing around 10.000 people
and battleborn 750 people…thats whats going on…gearbox didnt get enough people hyped about the game…awesome game…terrible marketing strategy

Has nothing to do with hype and everything to do with unaddressed performance and matchmaking problems. People dislike waiting around for a match only to be put into a game where two disconnects against a full premade group. After several weeks without Gearbox acknowledging the issues, many are simply walking away to find something else to play.


sure i hat something to do with that aswell…but the HYPE is the big thing…
battleborn MAX players 12.000 overall

dota MAX player 1.075.000 overall

dont tell me thats no DIFFERENCE or would u take 12.000 euro over 1 ■■■■■■■ million…

I hope it improves because I &*&^ love this game!

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Further Matchmaking-discussions can be continued in this similar MM-related topic. Lets keep all the feedback together.